Our Core Belief

We believe there is nothing more important than health.

In everything we do, we strive to provide access to healthcare delivered with empathy, built on professional  trust and driven by innovation.

We believe the world needs faster, better, more affordable access to high quality care. We make this possible by delivering clinical excellence, using innovative medical and digital technology and offering an outstanding patient experience with a focus on continuous improvement.

We are passionate about health and compassionate towards people.

Our name, affidea, contains our core values.


affinity with patients and doctors

trust and fidelity in everything we do

constant progress through ideas and innovation

Supervisory Board

  • Michal_Chalaczkiewicz-2.png

    Michal Chalaczkiewicz

    Chairman of the Supervisory Board

  • Michael_Bredael-2.png

    Michael Bredael

    Supervisory Board Member

  • Martin_Doyen.png

    Martin Doyen

    Supervisory Board Member

  • Frans_van_Houten-removebg-preview.png

    Frans van Houten

    Supervisory Board Member

  • JimmyPiron.png

    Jimmy Piron

    Supervisory Board Member

  • Dimitris_Moulavasilis.png

    Dimitris Moulavasilis

    Supervisory Board Member

Board of Directors

  • Guy_Blomfield2.png

    Guy Blomfield

    Managing Director
    Chairman of the Management Board & CEO

  • Marcus_Kaeller-61.png

    Marcus Kaeller

    Managing Director

Senior Leadership Team

  • Guy_Blomfield1.png

    Guy Blomfield

    Group Chief Executive Officer

  • Charles_Niehaus__002_-removebg-preview.png

    Dr Charles Niehaus

    Executive Director

  • Ronald_Voordendag.png

    Ronald Voordendag

    Interim Chief Financial Officer

  • Eduardo__002_-removebg-preview.png

    Eduardo Blazquez Gomez

    Chief HR Officer

  • Carol-Ducrest-Chiel-Legal-Officer-removebg-preview.png

    Carole Ducrest

    Senior Vice-President General Counsel

  • Oana-Dumitroiu.png

    Oana Dumitroiu

    Senior Vice-President Marketing and Communication

  • Mesut-Goral.png

    Mesut Goral

    Senior Vice-President Chief Operating Officer
    Country Manager Affidea Turkey & Poland

  • Jasna-Omeragic.png

    Jasna Omeragic Resic

    Senior Vice President Business Development

  • Alessandro-removebg-preview_250-4.png

    Dr Alessandro Roncacci

    Senior Vice-President
    Chief Medical Officer

  • BO_CM_CT_Marijan-Bilic_nobg.png

    Marijan Bilic

    Country Manager Bosnia

  • marijanapasalictrans.png

    Marijana Pasalic

    Country Manager Croatia

  • AmjadBaniHani.png

    Amjad Bani Hani

    Country Manager Czech Republic

  • Theodoros-Karoutzos-Greece.png

    Theodoros Karoutzos

    Country Manager

  • Barry-Downes-CM-Ireland.png

    Barry Downes

    Country Manager

  • Fabio_Silo-2.png

    Fabio Silo

    Country Manager

  • vitalijusorlovas5.png

    Vitalijus Orlovas

    Country Manager

  • Miguel-Santos-CM-Portugal.png

    Miguel Santos

    Country Manager

  • Marc_Andre_Christinat-2.png

    Marc-André Christinat

    Country Manager

  • RazvanPredica.png

    Razvan Predica

    Country Manager Romania & Hungary

  • TheoKravvas.png

    Theodoros Kravvas

    Country Manager

  • JimMcAvoyCountryManager1.png

    Jim McAvoy

    Country Manager

From the first day we opened our doors, we've been providing the best patient care with clinical excellence and patient safety at the heart of everything we've done. We always believed that quality healthcare is defined by the right people working to the highest standards. We searched for the best medical professionals, we developed them and we established world leading standards and procedures to provide safe, effective and efficient medical services.

July 2018

We launched the second ExpressCare "walk-in" clinic in Tallaght, Ireland, to treat a range of minor injuries and minor illnesses, while offering access to our state of the art diagnostic imaging services, everything under the same roof. This is the second Affidea ExpressCare Clinic to open in Ireland this year and it’s an excellent proof of our ambitious growth plans to constantly expand our outpatient services across Europe while strengthening our core diagnostic imaging services.

May 2018

We expanded our presence in Portugal, adding new capabilities in teleradiology through the acquisition of IMI - Imagens Médicas Integradas - an important provider of diagnostic imaging and teleradiology services at national level. This is an important milestone in Affidea's story of growth, proving our commitment to strengthen our leadership position in advanced diagnostic imaging and our interest in creating value through digital and data-driven adjacencies.

February 2018

We opened the first ExpressCare centre in Ireland, dedicated to minor injuries and minor illnesses. We also acquired FonixMed in Hungary, an important Hungarian corporate healthcare and retail outpatient service provider. This marks a significant milestone in Affidea’s strategy of expanding high quality outpatient care services at European level.


We developed a proprietary innovative program, MRI Excellence, ensuring standardised high quality examinations, faster examination times and expert users support. We also expanded our Greek operations and entered our 16th country, Spain.


Our Nuclear Medicine Excellence practise was recognised by UEMS/EBNM with our centre in Crete, receiving the highest level of accreditation. 2016 also saw our continuous expansion in to Serbia, our 15th country of operations.


This was a milestone year. Affidea implemented a unique Dose Excellence Program (DEP), the only one of its kind in the world. DEP lowers the radiation dose used during CT scans while maintaining the quality of the image for an accurate diagnosis, a program which received recognition from the European Society of Radiology. 2014 also saw Affidea become part of a Swiss-owned group with a long and distinguished history in healthcare (see www.waypointcapital.net for more information).


We opened our fourth cancer care centre in Poland, our third cancer care centre in Banja Luka, Bosnia Herzegovina, and entered our 14th country of operation, Lithuania.


Our first cancer care center was opened in Walbrzych, Poland. We also continued to expand our operations in Portugal, Turkey, Ireland and Romania.


Our ambition to become a Pan-European leader in diagnostic imaging led us to our expansion in to Italy, Portugal, Ireland, Switzerland and the United Kingdom.


We invested in technology development and doubled our activities, expanding into the Czech Republic, Croatia, Greece and Turkey.


The demand for high quality diagnostic imaging for patients across Europe led to our expansion in to CEE, opening new centres in Poland, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Romania.


We were founded in 1991 when we opened our first center in Hungary to provide advanced medical imaging services.

Ethics and Compliance

At Affidea, we uphold our commitment to the highest ethical standards in everything we do. This is how we show that we care about our patients, colleagues, partners, stakeholders and society.

We strive to communicate transparently, to act fairly and responsible, and to foster a safe and diverse work environment. Our Code represent our promise to always to do the things right. It is vital to our ongoing success.

We hold ourselves to the highest standards when it comes to patient safety and the way we deliver healthcare. And we share our vision and processes openly - because we believe people deserve to know what we do to improve their life.

We care about