Affinity program

Affidea is committed to delivering an exceptional patient experience in every centre, regardless of its location. The Affinity Programme is a company-wide project aimed at embedding Affidea's values of 'professional trust' and 'human empathy' into the company's culture and everyday operations. It involves implementing industry's best practices in customer service, extensive training of our employees as well as redesigning our facilities to make them a comfortable and safe place for our patients and their accompanying persons.

Our people about affinity

Meet Elżbieta Nowakowska

Elżbieta NowakowskaMedical Manager

When I was going to Affinity training I was glad that I would have the opportunity to talk about such important topics in our work as empathy and cooperation with the patient. On the other hand, I was discouraged by the awareness that two days spent on training and the related exclusion from current work would result in the need to catch up on outstanding duties later. Currently, after our meeting, I can say with full awareness that it was a well spent time. What's left in me as a doctor and a human is first and foremost a good reflection on the idea of our work and how important we are to patients and how crucial our role is. Patients have the right to be nervous, uncertain. Affinity training has helped me to answer the question of what else and how I can do so that my patients feel safe and trust me.

Meet Deimante Konciuviene

Deimante KonciuvieneCenter manager

Only those companies that invest in its employees and match up its values are the strongest and eager to grow. The Affinity programme perfectly reflects this rule.

Meet Ingrida Kireilienė

Ingrida KireilienėAffinity Champion

The Affinity programme is an excellent way for all our centers to share experiences and unite together for common goals and projects. I am very proud to be the Affinity Champion, I try to constantly learn and develop my skills, share my knowledge and expertise with my staff.

Meet Maciej Żuk

Maciej ŻukChief Radiographer Dose Excellence

Thank you very much for the invitation and for the participation in the Affinity Program. The training provides a new perspective on the problems that I encounter in my daily work. The cases discussed during the training will certainly improve the quality of patient service. I highly appreciate substantive content of the training and way of conducting workshops. I would recommend this training everyone. I am counting on the continuation of the Affinity Project. Thank you again!

Meet Iwona Chodkowska

Iwona ChodkowskaRadiographer

I think that the training was very useful and above all professionally prepared. Despite the knowledge and experience, it is worth remembering things that seem so obvious to us that we forget about them every day. Such training should be more often organized.

Meet Katarzyna Żebrowska

Katarzyna ŻebrowskaNurse

I am grateful for participating in the training organized by my company. Thanks to this meeting I understood what my collaborates have scope of work and what problems they face.

Meet Jolanta Smagała

Jolanta SmagałaAdministration Manager

With a clear conscience, I can recommend training. It was the best training regarding soft competences I was on. My team was also very happy to participate in the Affinity trainings. I also noticed that after the Affinity training, my team showed a greater interest in the patient's problems and is more empathic towards the patient.

The trainers showed full professionalism, great interest in our problems and techniques used in talking with the patient. With a lot of pleasure we will take part in similar trainings.

Meet Anna Szypulska

Anna SzypulskaNurse

The Affinity training was organized at a very high level. Thanks to the meeting, we could open ourselves to the problems of other employees and understand the main goal of our activity. Everyone is individual in the team and each of us carries out different tasks in relation to our patient. Holistic approach is what our patients expect. Thanks to this training we are more aware of such activities. I believe that the training cycle should be continue. It will give us the opportunity to understand ourselves, which will translate into work efficiency and increase the quality of services we provide. It will guarantee satisfaction patient and ours.

Meet Barbara Drzewiecka

Barbara DrzewieckaChief Physicists

Affinity training was very interesting. I really enjoyed the flexible approach of training and responding to the needs of the group. The added value is also the possibility of personal contact with people working in other Affidea centers. The ability to deal with demanding patients will be useful not only on professional grounds.

Training makes a significant contribution to the development of skills. Cyclical organization of trainings will help to maintain the appropriate level of services provided.

Meet Joanna Nieleńczuk

Joanna NieleńczukRadiologist

When I was going to Affinity training didn’t have much expectations. I was curious and I would like to know what the Affinity Project is. What are my feelings after the meeting?

It was definitely worth it. I had the opportunity to meet colleagues and exchange experiences, talk about how work in other Diagnostic Centers looks like. The idea of the training was related to the emphasis on empathy, a friendly approach to the patient - these are very important elements of our everyday work.