The world needs faster, better, more affordable access to high quality care.

Our Care Delivery Model makes this possible through clinical excellence, effective management of innovative medical and digital technology, a culture of continuous improvement, professional development of our people and an outstanding patient experience.

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Clinical Excellence

Cancer therapy
center steering

Clinical Excellence

Integrated Clinical Governance Model

Clinical excellence is at the heart of everything we do. That is why we have an exceptional clinical governance team overseeing all medical care, driving subspecialty expertise and fostering a culture of continuous quality improvement.

The 'Affidea Standard' defines the best practice across our countries, with further protocols on health and safety, radiation protection and MR.

The Affidea Imaging Medical Council shares best practice across all clinical functions with separate steering groups for cancer treatment and nuclear medicine. Our Medical Advisory Boards comprise internationally renowned radiologists and cancer care specialists from across Europe who provide guidance to the company. Six Leading European radiology experts (four previous Presidents of the European Society of Radiology) are part of our Medical Advisory Board, providing international leadership.

Each country in the Affidea network has local committees which mirror the central clinical governance structure– a medical council, radiation protection and MR safety groups. These bodies are in place to ensure every patient finds the same high standards of quality and safety regardless of Affidea clinic. Because nothing is more important than health.

Patient Safety

Patient safety is our prime concern and is continually monitored by our global Affidea Incident Management System (AIMS). AIMS enables us to capture and, most importantly, learn from events. We also benefit from witnessing and recording examples of good practice achieved by staff members in the workplace.

Dose excellence

The Dose Excellence Program (DEP) is the largest global dose optimisation program for computed tomography (CT), recognised by the European Society of Radiology.

We have developed a standardised set of CT protocols to take comparable images across our network allowing us to optimise the radiation dose patients receive while ensuring appropriate image quality. In this respect, we have achieved an average of 40% reduction of the dose level in CT scans across our network, in the same maintaining diagnostic confidence.

This care standardisation program enables Affidea to be the most represented provider of imaging services on the Eurosafe 'Wall of Stars', celebrating best practice in radiation protection.

dose excellence


Our Dose Excellence Program received privileged recognition on the EuroSafe Imaging Wall of Stars, the European Society of Radiology’s initiative to promote quality and safety in medical imaging

Eurosafeimaging star
Affidea Centers
Eurosafeimaging star
Affidea Centers


Affidea CIMED, Fribourg, SWITZERLAND

Affidea CIS, Sierre, SWITZERLAND

Affidea Givision Site de Bulle, SWITZERLAND

Affidea Givision Ste de Givisiez, SWITZERLAND

Affidea Givision Site Hopital Daler, Fribourg, SWITZERLAND


Affidea Prague, Department of Radiology, CZECH

Diagnostic Center Affidea Evroiatriki Thessaloniki, GREECE

Affidea Zagreb Poliklinika Maja i Kresimir Cavka, CROATIA

Affidea Hungary, Gyor, HUNGARY

Affidea Hungary - Mammut II Center, Budapest, HUNGARY

Affidea Hungary - Nyiro Gyula Hospital, Budapest, HUNGARY

Peterfy Sandor Hospital and Trauma Center, Budapest, HUNGARY

Affidea Hungary - Szeged University Center, Budapest, HUNGARY

Affidea Hungary - Szent Margit Hospital, Budapest, HUNGARY

Affidea Cork, IRELAND

Affidea Dundrum, IRELAND

Affidea Naas, IRELAND

Affidea Iniziativa Medica, Monselice, ITALY

Affidea Centro Polidiagnostico Montesanto, Cornaredo, ITALY

Affidea Nuova Lamp Torino, ITALY

Affidea Villa Salute, Manerbio, ITALY

Affidea Gdansk 1, POLAND

Affidea Gdansk 3, POLAND

Affidea Kielce 1, POLAND

Affidea Legnica, POLAND

Affidea Wroclaw, POLAND

Affidea Zielona Gora, POLAND

Affidea Evora CDI, PORTUGAL

Affidea Lisboa, PORTUGAL

Affidea Castelo Branco, PORTUGAL

Affidea Santarem, PORTUGAL

Affidea Setubal, PORTUGAL

Affidea Tomar, PORTUGAL

Affidea Fundeni, ROMANIA

Affidea Intermed Turkiye, Istanbul, TURKEY

Beykoz State Hospital, Istanbul, TURKEY

Istanbul Medeniyet University Goztepe Training and Research Hospital, Istanbul, TURKEY

SBU Fatih Sultan Mehmet Training and Research Hospital, Istanbul, TURKEY

SBU Haydarpasa Numune Training and Research Hospital. Istanbul, TURKEY

SBU Sehit Prof.Dr. Ilhan Varank Sancaktepe Training and Research Hospital, Istanbul, TURKEY

SBU Umraniye Training and Research Hospital, Istanbul, TURKEY

Eurosafeimaging star
Affidea Centers
Eurosafeimaging star
Affidea Centers

Affidea Evroiatriki Heraklion, GREECE

Affidea Evroiatriki Pireaus, GREECE

Affidea Evroiatriki Vari, GREECE

Affidea Hungary - Hungarian Defence Forces Military Hospital, Budapest, HUNGARY

Affidea Gdansk 2, POLAND

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MRI Excellence

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) is one of the best ways to provide diagnostic imaging but traditionally suffers from the variability in the way images are taken and the lack of speed in acquiring the images. The Affidea MRI Excellence Program (MREP) standardises the way MRI is performed across the network.

We have developed software that remotely monitors the MRI machines, feeding back on the standard to which the protocols are followed, time taken for each scan and image quality produced. We are able to learn from the centres providing the best service and reproduce this across our countries in a structured manner. This MRI optimisation program is the largest of its kind globally.

Research and Development

Research and development are critical components to Affidea's long term strategy and are essential for us to stay at the forefront of clinical practice. We partner with, many of Europe's leading academics from University College London and we provide services to academic institutions and we support research across many countries including the Champalimaud Foundation in Portugal.

The Affidea Innovation Fund provides an opportunity for doctors within our network to apply for pump-priming grants for clinical and commercial studies. If successful, they may receive external grant funding or further commercial support from Affidea.

Continuous Improvement

Affidea has developed a culture of Quality based on continuous improvement to consistently meet stakeholder expectations, driving Affidea standards and business metrics, ensuring operational excellence, improving patient experience and providing world-class customer service.

We promote the collective talent inside the organisation to create a powerful engine for positive change. We are all encouraged to think differently, thriving in an environment actively engaged to support and sustain Lean mindset.

Affidea is a success story of implementing lean management and Kaizen mindset in healthcare. Kaizen brings an approach based on continuous learning and improving. We consistently check how we do things and with what purpose, improving operational efficiency.


Kaizen Solutions


Efficiency Improvements


Hours Saved

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Our 2022 Green House Gas Emissions

Our 2022 Green House Emissions

Affidea delivers care responsibly. We not only have the highest level of professional clinical standards but are also conscious of our overall carbon footprint. As of 2022, we started our greenhouse gas emissions measurement and periodic reporting. Our 2022 Green House Gas emissions are as follows:

Our 2022 Green House Gas Emissions

1.683t CO2e

Scope 1 emissions

13.541t CO2e

Scope 2 emissions

5.673t CO2e

Scope 3 emissions

Total GHG emissions for 2022: 20.898t CO2e

Our 2022 Green House Gas Emissions

We have the largest diagnostic imaging and cancer care equipment installed base in Europe. We operate the latest technology, with an age younger than that of the European average.

10 Yrs
10 - 6 Yrs
< 6 Yrs
235MRI units
162CT units
16Linear Accelerators
16PET/CT scanners
3Gamma Knives

Outstanding Patient Experience

What patients say about us

Patient Thomas Barr, Affidea Ambassador in Ireland

Thomas Barr, Affidea Ambassador in Ireland I had a full body composition ...


I had a full body composition DXA scan and I also got MRI scans on my hips, lower back and feet. I had a very positive experience from the moment I walked in. I was met by extremely friendly and helpful staff at reception - this was a common trend with all the staff throughout my visit, and it made all the difference.

I was waiting no more than 5 minutes before I was brought in for my scans. It was clear the clinic was busy, which meant there was a tight time schedule, no messing about, I got the scans done and out again - this suited me perfectly as I always run on a tight schedule, and I never once felt rushed. The staff were always courteous and reassuring - in particular for the MRI scan, they went out of their way to make sure I was comfortable as this can be daunting if you feel any way claustrophobic. Overall, I was finished with all my procedures within the hour and I got fast results from friendly staff.

Patient Max

Max An organization that aims to satisfy ...


An organization that aims to satisfy customer needs with high quality standards.

Patient Matei

Matei When the kindness blends with professional ...


When the kindness blends with professional competence then you know as a patient that you are in the right place for your health. This is what I felt every time I went to Affidea for the CT examinations that my doctor recommended me. I appreciate all the wonderful behaviour that Affidea offers to every patient. I wish you great success for the future!

Patient Rafal

Rafal Professional approach and kindness at every ...


Professional approach and kindness at every step. Patients can pick up their results via the internet after receiving a text message on the phone, this should be the standard everywhere, I recommend Affidea.

Patient Eva

Eva High quality medical services up-to-date techniques ...


High quality medical services, up-to-date techniques, qualified staff. Thank you for your care!

Patient Katalin

Katalin I had a CT in the ...


I had a CT in the Peterfy hospital, at Affidea, where I have met the most helpful medical staff. It was a very comfortable environment and I saw professional attitude that helped me not to feel the anxiety about my medical examination. Thank you so much!

Patient Nada Nađ

Nada Nađ I didn't know I was claustrophobic ...


I didn't know I was claustrophobic until I had to do a Brain MRI. When I saw that machine, I thought there was no way I could make the MRI. However, thanks to the medical staff, I did the scan. Such kindness and support during the examination, holding my hand and encouraging me, I've never experienced before.

Once again, thank you for everything, I would recommend Affidea to everyone. Big greetings!

Our centres gallery

Professional Development

Professional Development

Affidea attracts, motivate and retains highly skilled and passionate people. We nurture our staff, developing their talent and leadership while sharing specialist expertise across the network. We offer our staff professional development opportunities and a chance for employees to be part of a journey in transforming the future of healthcare.

We search for the best professionals and we develop them. With our expanding geographical presence, we offer them a unique opportunity to work in a culturally diversified and multinational set up and experience international assignments or cross border projects. Affidea is open for young talents from various countries willing to learn and develop together with our rapidly expanding organisation.

Affidea Leadership Academy

The Leadership Academy has been introduced to strengthen the capabilities and high potential of our leaders. We recognize the need for clinicians to manage and lead teams and we nurture doctors with an interest in health systems to become our future leaders. The Leadership Academy provides training in the following areas:

Healthcare trends
and economics

Affidea Clinical Academy

The Academy takes the best educational practices from across our countries and spreads learning to benefit all, working closely with our Human Resources colleagues to ensure tailored education where appropriate.

The Clinical Academy is the point of contact for our educational partners – the European School of Radiology and the big vendors. It coordinates consensus meetings with specialists across our network to ensure that we are all 'speaking the same language'. All staff groups are represented by the Academy -radiologists, technicians, specialists and physicists. The Clinical Academy provides training in:


Sub specialty groups

As medicine becomes more complicated, the need for subspecialist knowledge grows. Across our network, we have identified experts in the most common specialties, such as brain imaging or breast imaging. They can look into clinical problems and define specific pathways which use our technology platforms to their greatest potential.

We have the following active Subspecialities Groups:

  • Breast Imaging
  • Cardiac Imaging
  • GI/Abdominal
  • GU/Prostate Imaging
  • Musculoskeletal Imaging
  • Neuro Imaging
  • Thoracic Imaging

Our subspecialists can also refine the Dose Excellence and MRI Excellence programs to build consensus and drive forward the research and development agenda.

With partners in the clinical specialties, we can also create holistic care pathways that move a patient seamlessly through the medical system, ensuring that they are looked after every step of the way.

Affinity program

Affidea is committed to delivering an exceptional patient experience in every centre, regardless of its location. The Affinity Programme is a company-wide project aimed at embedding Affidea's values of 'professional trust' and 'human empathy' into the company's culture and everyday operations. It involves implementing industry's best practices in customer service, extensive training of our employees as well as redesigning our facilities to make them a comfortable and safe place for our patients and their accompanying persons.

Our people about affinity

Meet Elżbieta Nowakowska

Elżbieta NowakowskaMedical Manager

When I was going to Affinity training I was glad that I would have the opportunity to talk about such important topics in our work as empathy and cooperation with the patient. On the other hand, I was discouraged by the awareness that two days spent on training and the related exclusion from current work would result in the need to catch up on outstanding duties later. Currently, after our meeting, I can say with full awareness that it was a well spent time. What's left in me as a doctor and a human is first and foremost a good reflection on the idea of our work and how important we are to patients and how crucial our role is. Patients have the right to be nervous, uncertain. Affinity training has helped me to answer the question of what else and how I can do so that my patients feel safe and trust me.

Meet Deimante Konciuviene

Deimante KonciuvieneCenter manager

Only those companies that invest in its employees and match up its values are the strongest and eager to grow. The Affinity programme perfectly reflects this rule.

Meet Ingrida Kireilienė

Ingrida KireilienėAffinity Champion

The Affinity programme is an excellent way for all our centers to share experiences and unite together for common goals and projects. I am very proud to be the Affinity Champion, I try to constantly learn and develop my skills, share my knowledge and expertise with my staff.

Meet Maciej Żuk

Maciej ŻukChief Radiographer Dose Excellence

Thank you very much for the invitation and for the participation in the Affinity Program. The training provides a new perspective on the problems that I encounter in my daily work. The cases discussed during the training will certainly improve the quality of patient service. I highly appreciate substantive content of the training and way of conducting workshops. I would recommend this training everyone. I am counting on the continuation of the Affinity Project. Thank you again!

Meet Iwona Chodkowska

Iwona ChodkowskaRadiographer

I think that the training was very useful and above all professionally prepared. Despite the knowledge and experience, it is worth remembering things that seem so obvious to us that we forget about them every day. Such training should be more often organized.

Meet Katarzyna Żebrowska

Katarzyna ŻebrowskaNurse

I am grateful for participating in the training organized by my company. Thanks to this meeting I understood what my collaborates have scope of work and what problems they face.

Meet Jolanta Smagała

Jolanta SmagałaAdministration Manager

With a clear conscience, I can recommend training. It was the best training regarding soft competences I was on. My team was also very happy to participate in the Affinity trainings. I also noticed that after the Affinity training, my team showed a greater interest in the patient's problems and is more empathic towards the patient.

The trainers showed full professionalism, great interest in our problems and techniques used in talking with the patient. With a lot of pleasure we will take part in similar trainings.

Meet Anna Szypulska

Anna SzypulskaNurse

The Affinity training was organized at a very high level. Thanks to the meeting, we could open ourselves to the problems of other employees and understand the main goal of our activity. Everyone is individual in the team and each of us carries out different tasks in relation to our patient. Holistic approach is what our patients expect. Thanks to this training we are more aware of such activities. I believe that the training cycle should be continue. It will give us the opportunity to understand ourselves, which will translate into work efficiency and increase the quality of services we provide. It will guarantee satisfaction patient and ours.

Meet Barbara Drzewiecka

Barbara DrzewieckaChief Physicists

Affinity training was very interesting. I really enjoyed the flexible approach of training and responding to the needs of the group. The added value is also the possibility of personal contact with people working in other Affidea centers. The ability to deal with demanding patients will be useful not only on professional grounds.

Training makes a significant contribution to the development of skills. Cyclical organization of trainings will help to maintain the appropriate level of services provided.

Meet Joanna Nieleńczuk

Joanna NieleńczukRadiologist

When I was going to Affinity training didn’t have much expectations. I was curious and I would like to know what the Affinity Project is. What are my feelings after the meeting?

It was definitely worth it. I had the opportunity to meet colleagues and exchange experiences, talk about how work in other Diagnostic Centers looks like. The idea of the training was related to the emphasis on empathy, a friendly approach to the patient - these are very important elements of our everyday work.