The New Version of the Dose Excellence Project Kicks off in Affidea Spain

The new version of the Dose Excellence Project kicked off in Spain on the 31st of March. Two training sessions were held, with the participation of 17 Radiographers and 16 Radiologists from 12 diagnostic imaging centres in Spain.

The new version of DoseWatch v.3.2 is connected to 12 CT scanners and is used to track and justify high dose level alerts and to analyse data for protocol optimisation in terms of dose and image quality. Since November 2021, more than 16,000 examinations have been collected across the country and set the baseline for standardisation and optimisation of CT exposures. The new version of the tracking and recording system from GE (DoseWatch v.3.2) comes with a Business Intelligence tool, Imaging Insights, that is used to collect data and provide real time data dashboards for the involved stakeholders, to monitor not only dosimetric, but also operational data, number of examinations, CT tube usage, time slots used and much more.


In collaboration with the country and centre teams, the HQ Clinical Team have already started the optimisation process in the country.

“The team and I were thrilled to launch the new version of the Dose Excellence in Spain, as we were eager to see what we could achieve with this systematic standardisation and optimisation of CT exposures. Imaging Insights is a valuable tool that allows us to monitor in real time and tune our everyday practice to ensure patients' safety. The Spanish DEP team is very much onboard now that they have received full training. We are excited to see the improvements in clinical action going forward, and to see the difference in terms of operational efficiency as well,” commented Affidea Spain Country Regional Medical Director Dr Pedro Bustillo.

The Dose Excellence Project was introduced in 2014 and is the largest dose management programme globally that optimises radiation dose, while ensuring appropriate image quality for the clinical question asked. Today, Dose Excellence is deployed in 13 countries with 104 CT systems connected and 105 standard CT protocols across the network.

We are looking forward to seeing great results in CT dose optimisation and patient safety with the new Dose Excellence version deployed in Spain!