Happy International Day of Radiology from Affidea CEO!

We are celebrating today the International Day of Radiology (IDOR), which marks a remarkable 124 years since Wilhelm Röntgen discovered x-rays.  As a leading European provider of diagnostic imaging services, we know that radiology is at the core of every clinical decision making. 

This year's IDOR’s main theme is sports imaging as radiologists and radiographers play an important role in the diagnosis and clinical management of both top athletes and people involved in sports at various levels. Musculoskeletal radiology is a fast-growing subspecialty of diagnostic radiology that plays an increasingly important part in the assessment and management of patients with a wide variety of injuries throughout the world.

As a leading diagnostic provider in Europe, we understand the crucial role of imaging in the diagnosis, prognosis and treatment of sports injuries and that’s why we have developed sub-specialty Musculoskeletal groups across our network. Athletes, both professional and amateur, rely on us to help them on the path to recovery, so they can get back into the game as soon as possible.

It takes dedication, commitment and passion on a long run to achieve excellence in healthcare, same as in sports. Across our network of 273 centers in 16 countries, we are over 9400 professionals working together to improve millions of lives every year. That is why, I’m taking this opportunity to thank each of them for playing their part in the development of radiology, delivering every day, with passion and commitment, high quality medical care with an outstanding patient experience. 

Happy International Day of Radiology to everyone!

Affidea CEO IDOR 002

Giuseppe Recchi

Affidea CEO