Double launch in Lithuania: Affidea is opening two new outpatient state-of-the-art clinics

We are delighted to announce the launch of two brand new outpatient clinics in Lithuania, in Panevėžys and Šiauliai, both of them designed with a patient centric approach, offering an outstanding and comfortable experience to all our customers.

The two new centers will provide patients with high quality medical services in contract with PHIs, but also out of pocket. Patients will have access to a wide range of medical consultations, GP services, laboratory tests, vaccination, but also diagnostic imaging like MRI, CT, X-ray or mammography tests. Affidea invested in its expansion in Northern side of the country approximately EUR 6 million, in this way improving the accessibility to our medical services across the country.

“Access to high quality healthcare services has always been vital, and in the face of this persistent pandemic it has become even more important. Better access to the best doctors, better accessibility to modern equipment, means better health for everyone”, said Vitalijus Orlovas, Country Manager for Affidea Lithuania.

The two new modern clinics bring exceptional medical teams and a wide range of medical services of the highest quality, which include family doctors, orthopaedic traumatologists, radiologists, echoscopists, haematologists, dermatovenerologists, neurologists, surgeons, obstetricians, gynaecologists, endocrinologists, allergists, ENT doctors, rheumatologists, and kinesiotherapists.

The opening events in Panevėžys and Šiauliai were attended by the mayors of the two cities, Mr Rytis Mykolas Račkauskas and Mr Artūras Visockas, respectively, whose speeches were focused on the need of high-quality medical services in small Lithuanian cities.

“We can say that today we are opening the most modern clinic not only in Panevėžys, but in the whole region. There is a high demand for high quality medical services not only in Panevėžys, but also in all the other towns of our country. I am pleased that Panevėžys residents will have access to yet another health facility in the city. Congratulations to Affidea team on the opening, I would like to wish you great success and, of course, heartfelt smiles and well-deserved gratitude from your customers”, stated the mayor from Panevėžys, Mr R. M. Račkauskas. 

The opening of the modern Affidea clinic in Šiauliai was welcomed by the mayor of Šiauliai, Mr Artūras Visockas: “Let these investments in healthcare be balanced in terms of communication and cooperation, because only in this way, with a strong cooperation between the hospital, the clinics and the private business, the patients can find the best treatment. I wish Affidea great success, because the success of Šiauliai depends on the success of its citizens.”

See pictures below:

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