Continuous Education at Affidea: Empowering Knowledge

In the dynamic healthcare field, continuous education is not just a requirement, it's a necessity. As a leader in our industry, we recognise this imperative, and we have established a robust educational platform for our team members and clinical teams. Through our comprehensive training programs, Affidea is not just enhancing the skills of its workforce but is actively shaping the future of healthcare.

Clinical Webinars and Courses: A Spectrum of Learning

Affidea's diverse range of clinical webinars and courses exemplifies its commitment to ongoing professional development.

Two standout courses – MRI Cardiac and Advanced Ultrasound – attracted 349 registrants, demonstrating the eagerness of healthcare professionals to advance their diagnostic capabilities.

The organisation’s reach in education extends further with four webinars on Teleradiology, CF Thorax, Liver Imaging Update, and Memory Clinic. These sessions, attended by 1576 individuals, of which 85% were internal staff and 15% external, represent a collaborative and inclusive approach to learning. The diversity of speakers – 56% internal and 44% external from 24 countries – adds a global perspective to the learning experience. With a Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 62%, these educational initiatives reflect both the quality of the content and the participants' satisfaction.


Affidea Scientific Talks: Bridging Knowledge Gaps

The Affidea Scientific Talks, which took place on the 29th of September 2023 in Portugal, marked a significant step in bridging knowledge gaps among general practitioners.

Centering on Gastroenterology Pathology, this event gathered 100 participants and more than 15 speakers. This platform not only underscores Affidea's commitment to multidisciplinary learning but also highlights its role in fostering a community of knowledge-sharing among healthcare professionals.

The Annual MRI Seminar in Switzerland: Focusing on Specialized Care

The “Résonance Affidea – Switzerland” seminar, now in its fourth edition, is a testament to Affidea's dedication to specialised medical education. This year’s thematic focused on hand and wrist conditions – a common consultation reason in osteoarticular pathology. The seminar provided a unique opportunity for practitioners to integrate new knowledge and enhance their clinical practice. Professor Jean-Denis Laredo's insights emphasised the multidisciplinary and diverse educational approaches, underlining the seminar's comprehensive nature.

The fifth edition has already been announced for September 27th and 28th, 2024, in Geneva. “The fifth edition of the “Résonance Affidea – Suisse” seminar will focus on sports medicine, a fascinating and important subject for professionals, semi-professionals and amateur athletes alike. We look forward to this upcoming edition and to once again contributing to offering an outstanding conference for the medical community,” stated Marc-André Christinat, country CEO for Affidea Switzerland.

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Cognito Campaigns: Fostering a Culture of Continuous Education across Affidea

Affidea's Cognito Campaigns are a crucial element of the company’s educational ecosystem, addressing a range of topics from compliance to mental health.

The Cognito Campaigns, a hallmark of Affidea's educational initiatives, showcase a holistic and multifaceted approach to learning, catering to both personal and professional development. The 2023-2024 Global Winter Campaign, tailored for non-clinical personnel, emphasized the importance of accuracy in operations, safeguarding company assets, and introduced essential concepts of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) principles. This campaign reflects Affidea's dedication to nurturing a workforce that is not only skilled but also socially responsible and aligned with global sustainability standards.

The Global Summer Campaign 2023 focused on mental health, demonstrating Affidea's profound commitment to the emotional and psychological well-being of its staff. This initiative highlights the organization's understanding that a healthy work environment is fundamental to overall productivity and quality of care.

The Spring Campaign was centered around anti-bribery topics and annual compliance certification, underscoring Affidea's unwavering commitment to ethical practices. This campaign serves as a vital tool in ensuring that all employees are well-versed in legal and ethical standards, reinforcing the company's stance on integrity and responsible conduct.

Finally, the specialised campaign for Managers on “Antitrust Law: Talking with your Competitors” underscores the critical importance of legal awareness in healthcare management. This initiative was specifically designed to equip leaders with the knowledge and tools needed to navigate complex legal landscapes, ensuring that competition laws are understood and adhered to. Such campaigns are crucial in maintaining the highest standards of legal compliance and ethical practice in the dynamic healthcare sector.

Carole Ducrest, General Counsel of Affidea Group, notes, “Our Cognito Campaigns are integral to developing a knowledgeable, ethically grounded, and proactive workforce, capable of navigating the complexities of modern healthcare with confidence and integrity.”