CMO Message on 11th International Day of Radiology

Dear Team,

We are today celebrating the International Day of Radiology, a reason to honour the role that each of you plays in taking care of our patients’ health.

I would like to take the occasion and thank you for your commitment and noble mission that guides your daily work, for the passion, competence and experience you show every day in our centres.

Radiology sits at the core of every clinical decision, it gives the complete image for the right treatment at the right time. We have come a long way since the accidental discovery of X-rays, through the evolution of Mammography, CT and MRI, the digitization of images with the most advanced PACS systems, to now the sub-specialty expertise, teleradiology, or the advent of AI solutions in imaging to support diagnostic accuracy and patient safety or to bring operational efficiencies, the use of data to improve machine efficiency, and many more rapid technological advances year in, year out.

The new advancements in radiology can tremendously influence patient outcomes and we should be proud that at Affidea, we are always among the first to pioneer the latest innovations.

Driven by the rising prevalence of chronic diseases such as cancer, arthritis, cardiovascular disorders, and diabetes, as well as increasing patient expectations for services, convenience and speed, the sector is facing extraordinary growth and transformation.

However, there are global shortages of radiologists, which means that our skills and expertise will be in high demand. It is our task now to make our key role at the heart of the care continuum as visible as possible and expand our expert knowledge to radiologists of the future, train them in the latest and best techniques available, as only we know how, and open up to the wider medical community and patients alike, communicating effectively and professionally.

It is through our high standards of safety, our continuous thirst for innovation, our openness towards new clinical developments, our highly successful, international educational initiatives, our powerful and interconnected European network of medical professionals that we are recognised as a driving force in this sector, with a genuine commitment to staying well ahead of the curve to provide better, more holistic, integrated patient care.

We are empowered by our clinical excellence, by an amazing clinical team across 15 countries and by our strong ambition to always be the best in everything we do. Let’s use this to pave the way for the radiology of the future!

Happy International Day of Radiology!


Dr Alessandro Roncacci

SVP Chief Medical Officer