Clinical Academy Update - Thoracic Imaging Subspecialty Group Meeting

On July 15, the annual Thoracic Imaging Subspecialty Group meeting took place at Vaci Greens, Budapest. Despite summer-time challenges, we were delighted to host Radiologists from Greece, Hungary, Italy, Lithuania, Spain and Turkey with others joining virtually via Teams. 

The meeting, chaired by Professor Roberta Polverosi, our Subspecialty Group Expert, focussed on clinical and operational considerations for Low Dose CT screening for Lung Cancer.   

With several countries keen to implement screening this year, it was the perfect time to bring the Subspecialty Group together to reach consensus on criteria for screening, reporting templates and follow-up procedures. Following a presentation by Prof. Polverosi on the findings of the Nelson Study into Low Dose CT Screening for Lung Cancer in high risk patients, we reviewed current practice in participating countries to determine next steps for implementation across the group.

Notably, Dr. Istvan Horvath from the Hungarian team was able to share invaluable experience from the recent National Screening trial in Hungary.  This was followed by a presentation from GE regarding technical considerations for Low Dose CT and protocol management which is very much aligned with the Dose Excellence program already in place throughout Affidea. 

With the impending pilot of the Aidence ‘Veye Chest’ algorithm, we were also able to review the product and how this will complement screening protocols and nodule differentiation.  To that end, we were joined by members of the Aidence team who gave a fascinating insight into the development of the algorithm and its clinical application. 

I would like to thank all the participants for their active contribution to the meeting; there is still a great deal of work to do but we have an active network of subject matter experts, fully engaged to deliver potentially life-changing screening programs for patients throughout Europe.