Affidea, the first healthcare provider in Europe to launch the innovative Business Intelligence Tool for real-time radiation dose monitoring

Affidea, the leading diagnostic imaging, outpatient and cancer care provider, and GE Healthcare announce the launch of a 3.2 version of DoseWatch in combination with a real-time business intelligence (BI) tool for data dashboarding. The BI is installed on Corporate Affidea Microsoft Azure Cloud and collects data, in a secure and compliant way, from all local Dose Watch installations, with Affidea Hungary centers being the first to implement it. Affidea is the first healthcare provider in Europe to install this innovative BI solution, taking dose management to the next level. 

The new Dose Excellence Program offers insightful and comprehensive dose information and enables a proactive approach to radiation management through data and analytics. It includes a variety of embedded analysis and optimization capabilities at a level of detail not possible before.

A key feature of the new version is the contrast data management which allows notifications on clinical context and cumulative dose of iodine (risk factors, prior adverse events) as well as injection details (contrast media, volume, injection protocol). All these features will allow Affidea to manage contrast media data in order to strengthen the clinical protocols and track patient historical data in terms of radiation, iodine dose and contrast media adverse events, in this way offering enhanced standards of quality and safety in our premises. Thanks to the tracking and optimization of contrast media, the company will be able to personalise contrast injection to each patient, avoiding any unnecessary extra contrast injection.

Dr Alessandro Roncacci, Senior Vice-President and Chief Medical Officer for Affidea Group, stated: “Healthcare is under digital transformation and at Affidea we are committed to lead this pathway, improving patient safety, while driving operational efficiencies. We have always been the pioneers in our field, looking for clinically proven methods to enhance clinical excellence. The launch of the new Dose Excellence version, unique in Europe, comes to reinforce our commitment to taking radiology to gold standards”.

“With the deployment at Affidea Hungary and Spain of DoseWatch™ 3.2 and Imaging Insights™, GE’s latest clinical and business intelligence applications available for CT on the GE Edison™ platform, we are glad to celebrate ten years of collaboration in advancing Dose Excellence in Europe, leading the way in product innovation, clinical practice and patient safety”, says François Clérin, Managing director, GE Healthcare Europe.

 A real time BI data dashboard to drive operational efficiency and clinical excellence across the Group

The Imaging Insights Business Intelligence tool regularly updates and correlates multiple data sources into one consolidated view. It keeps the clinical teams well informed, allowing them to focus on optimising operational efficiencies, clinical excellence and patient experience. 

Imaging Insights can help achieve operational efficiencies by optimising the exam duration and procedure scheduling to increase throughput and reduce backlog. At the same time, it also helps benchmarking CT technologies at group level, identifying variations in practices across multiple centers and staff performance for training opportunities.

Ultimately it’s about patient safety. That’s why we are taking Dose Excellence to a level that no one in Europe has ever seen before, with a significant impact on radiation protection, clinical excellence and education. This is another proof of our strong compliance with 2013/59 Euratom Directive by identifying variations in real time and by standardising and optimising protocols, while maintaining the optimal image quality and increase safety for our patients. We are launching it now in Hungary and in September in Spain with the aim of rolling it out across other Affidea countries during 2022”, added Federica Zanca, Senior Medical Physicist at Affidea and Leader of Dose Excellence Program across the Group.

Affidea’s Dose Excellence program is a unique global program for patient safety and radiation protection which brought the company international recognition. Affidea is the most awarded healthcare provider for patient safety by the European Society of Radiology, 50% of the total centers awarded with 5 * for radiation protection the Eurosafe Wall of Stars belong to the company.

Affidea has been accepted to present the scientific presentation “Towards Big Data And Visualization Analytics: Dose Management 3.0 In A Multi-center European Settings’ reporting on preliminary results obtained with the implementation of the Business Intelligence Tool” by Federica Zanca, at the 107th RSNA Scientific Assembly and Annual Meeting to be held in Chicago starting with  November 28th.