Affidea’s Outstanding Track Record Continues – Six More Centres Receive UEMS/EBMN Accreditation

Affidea is delighted to announce that all four Nuclear Medicine departments in Greece – at Vari, Chania, Heraklion and Sparta centres - have received, once again, European accreditation by the UEMS/EBNM organisation. In addition, the department of Nuclear Medicine at Affidea Heraklion has once again received the outstanding status of Training Centre for other NM professionals and departments. Furthermore, both Nuclear Medicine centres of Affidea Hungary - the Nuclear Medicine Departments of MAV Hospital Centre and Trauma Centre - have been reaccredited by the UEMS/EBNM organisation, after the successful first accreditation in 2017, for the next four years.


                                                    Vari team

“It is a great honour and testament to our solid commitment to providing best-in-class healthcare services to our patients with remarkable consistency,” commented Chryssa Paraskevopoulou, Affidea Group Dose Management & Radiation Protection Manager. "UEMS/EBNM accreditation is a benchmark of standardisation of patient care and continuous improvement of practice, as well as quality standards."


                                              Chania team      

These certifications confirm the reliability of diagnostic tests performed within these centres, as well as the high standard of services provided to patients, always guided by the firm values ​​and principles of the Affidea Group: reliability in diagnosis, innovation in practice and mutual respect in the relationship between patients and doctors.

Country Medical Director of Affidea Hungary, Dr Lilla Kardos, is very proud of the success of Affidea Hungary’s Nuclear Medicine team: “After the first, challenging accreditation in 2017, we continued to follow the highest standards, which resulted this year in the renewed accreditation, a great achievement for us. Thanks to the excellent teams, led by Dr Andrea Radácsi and Judit Miklósi, Affidea Hungary’s Nuclear Medicine centres are leading, very much acknowledged sites among referrals and patients as well.”


                                                       Peterfy team

An important benefit of the certification of Nuclear Medicine Departments is the improvement in terms of patient management, setting high quality criteria for the services provided. Amongst other things, it is also worth noting the continuous improvement and strict observance of radiation protection parameters for patients, their relatives and centre staff, organisational improvement of the daily operation of the Nuclear Medicine departments, and finally the promotion of high standards of medical education, practice and healthcare.


                                             MAV team

Dr Iannis Manousakas, Subspecialty Leader of Affidea Heraklion-Chania commented: "I would like to thank all Affidea Nuclear Medicine teams in Romania, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Poland, Switzerland, and Spain for their great effort and especially, Greece CEO Theodoros Karoutzos, Affidea Group CMO Alessandro Roncacci, Chrysa Paraskevopoulou and Group Clinical Governance Leader Nasia Papachistodoulou for their support."


                                            Heraklion team

"Undoubtedly, the certification of the services provided, highlights the quality and safety of the Group's health services. In this particular case, the work that has been done so far paves the way, as the existence of certified medical units is included as a basic prerequisite in health programmes and collaboration with approved bodies,” stressed Dr Manousakas.

For his part, the Country Medical Director of Affidea Greece, Mr Dimitrios Daravigas, said: "The cornerstone of the creation of Affidea was the common desire of the scientists of the team, not only to meet the real needs of patients, but also to bring science and health services closer to patients. The consistency in the valid and complete diagnosis, and the respect in the examinee, have today established Affidea as the most reliable primary healthcare provider in Greece, contributing significantly to the work of the medical community and to the improvement of the quality of life of the citizens."


                                               Sparta team