Affidea presents at ECR 2020 its framework on AI implementation in a healthcare environment

July 17th 2020, Amsterdam: Affidea, the leading European provider of diagnostic imaging, outpatient and cancer care services, is pleased to participate this year at the European Congress of Radiology (ECR) with two presentations and six clinical digital posters for EPOS (the European Society of Radiology's online database for electronic scientific exhibits).

In support of the company's digital health transformation initiatives to improve patient care, Affidea will present at this year's ECR a standardised framework for the practical implementation of artificial intelligence solutions in a multi-country healthcare organisation.

The research was based on Affidea's innovative clinical initiatives in the field of Artificial Intelligence, through the pilot deployment of four AI solutions initiated in 2019 with the aim to integrate them in the clinical workflow to improve patients care, defining measurable performance indicators and tracking in real-time the benefits for all stakeholders: patients, doctors, PHIs and national health systems. Affidea's presentation at ECR will showcase a standardised framework to assess the added value of an AI solution from a clinical, technical and business point of view. 

ECR participants will be able to follow the presentation on Sunday, 18th July, during the Research Presentation Session, between 08:30-10:00 am.

In addition to this research presentation and in line with the company's commitment to provide the education and necessary learning for world-class specialized medical care, Affidea's sessions at ECR include: 

  • EPOS Poster presentation "Affidea's Learning from Excellence system” - a digital application and database in 16 languages to promote excellence and best practices in a multinational healthcare environment, developed to jointly support learning, improve patient care and safety along with staff motivation. Affidea's poster presentation can be followed on the EPOS™ platform (  
  • EPOS Poster presentation "From Clinician to Strategic Business Leader in a Country Management Team; strategies to develop business management skills through targeted, scenario-based workshops". The presentation is based on a Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A) scenario that was delivered among clinical leaders from Affidea's countries to equip clinicians with the business acumen, skills and knowledge to make positive contributions to the delivery of strategic business development objectives. Building on our clinical expertise across 16 European countries, we aimed to see senior clinicians welcomed to the boardroom as strategic business partners in a multinational healthcare organization. Affidea's poster presentation can be followed on EPOS™(  

Giuseppe Recchi, CEO Affidea Group, stated: "I am proud to see that once again, Affidea is pushing the boundaries in terms of clinical excellence and innovation, while empowering our doctors with the best tool they need to be ahead of the curve in their area of expertise. We remain committed to delivering high-quality medical care for our patients, with a focus on care standardisation, digitisation and evidence-based medical practice. We have a privileged role to play in saving lives – earned through the trust our patients and doctors have in us and all the initiatives or projects that we are presenting this year at ECR are evidence that of our noble mission."

Dr Alessandro Roncacci, Chief Medical Officer Interim Affidea Group, added: "At Affidea, the scale of our operation, our big data repository and R&D capabilities gives us unique opportunities and allows us to reap the benefits of machine learning and digitisation to drive forward innovations in patient's care. The „learning from excellence" culture comes to enhance our clinical practices and is key to quality improvement. We work with the best medical professionals, we develop their talents and leadership skills, and share their know-how across our network. As a leading European provider in diagnostic imaging, we are proud to share our expertise at the European Congress of Radiology with our peers in the academic world."

In addition, the clinical leaders and sub-speciality experts of Affidea will share their expertise in radiology by showcasing the following studies:

  • "Effects of dietary habits and age of last delivery on bone mineral density parameters in a Hungarian female population"; Eva Bartha M.D., PhD, Anita Zubrecki M.D, Ivan Deavosa PhD, Agnes Marodi, Katalin Gion M.D., Gyorgy Bartfai Prof., M.D. Affidea's poster presentation can be followed on EPOS™ ( 
  • "18F-choline PET-CT in the localisation of parathyroid adenomas". Authors: Mazurek1,2, M. Dziuk1,2, A. Gizewska1,2, S. Piszczek1,2, N. Papachristodoulou3. (1. PET–CT Department Affidea Sp. z o. o., Warsaw, Poland; 2. Military Institute of Medicine, Warsaw, Poland; 3. Affidea, Budapest, Hungary). This presentation can be accessed only by ECR participants.
  • "Safety and dose optimization for [11C] – DMDPA as a PET imaging agent for quantitative evaluation of myocardial perfusion in subjects with known or suspected CAD – randomized controlled study". Authors: Mirosław Dziuk, Marina Gerszewska, Seweryn Krajewski, Przemysław Kozanecki, Cezary Kozanecki, Nasia Papachristodoulou. Affidea's poster presentation can be followed on EPOS™ (
  • "Diagnostic performance of 18F-PSMA-1007 PET/CT in biochemically relapsed prostate cancer patients with PSA levels ≤2.0 ng/ml". Authors: E. Witkowska-Patena, A. Giżewska, M. Dziuk, J. Misko, A. Budzynska, A. Walęcka-Mazur, N. Papachristodoulou; Affidea's poster presentation can be followed on EPOS™ (