Affidea pioneers AI-powered PET/CT through a ground-breaking partnership with Subtle Medical

Affidea and Subtle Medical announce a strategic partnership to improve patient experience during PET/CT scans by using innovative deep learning imaging technologies.

As the leading European provider of advanced diagnostic imaging and cancer care services, Affidea is starting the collaboration with Subtle Medical in Affidea’s PET/CT center IRMET, Italy, by implementing the AI-powered imaging technology SubtlePET™.

SubtlePET is an artificial intelligence (AI)-powered imaging software solution that enables up to four times faster PET scans without compromising the image quality. This is particularly beneficial for patients who have difficulty in holding still for long periods of time. Less time in the scanner reduces patient’s discomfort and anxiety, improving their medical experience and, in the same time, reduces the potential of artifact-ridden images and the need for re-scans. The result is a faster and more comfortable scan for the patient and a clear and high-quality image for the doctor. In the same time, by using the AI solution, the medical center can improve its workflow productivity, decreasing the waiting list and offering patients a faster appointment.

Commenting on the partnership, Giuseppe Recchi, Affidea’s CEO, stated: “At Affidea, we uphold our commitment to lead healthcare transformation by adopting the most innovative technologies which can support us in improving patients’ care. With this new AI solution, Affidea IRMET becomes the first PET/CT center in Europe to pioneer this ground-breaking software for a better patient experience and increased efficiency with the same high-quality standards. We are delighted to partner with Subtle Medical as we both are at the forefront of innovation in imaging with one common goal: better care, better patient experience.”

Enhao Gong, PhD, CEO of Subtle Medical, added: "At Subtle Medical, we've developed a suite of AI-powered software solutions that use deep learning to improve patient care. Our mission is to make medical imaging safer and more comfortable for patients all over the world while helping hospitals increase productivity by enabling more efficient scans.  We're looking forward to our partnership with Affidea and expanding our value beyond the US."

Prof. Rowland Illing, Senior VP Chief Medical and Digital Strategy Officer Affidea, added: “Clinical excellence and patient safety are always at the heart of everything we do. We strive to offer precise and timely diagnosis, benefitting from state-of-the-art technology, driven by Artificial Intelligence which can empower our medical teams and improve patient experience. SubtlePET technology allows us to perform PET/CT examinations by up to 60% reduced scan time, while maintaining  a high-quality standard of the image. For us, this means yet another step in our mission to improve patient experience, while providing a precise diagnosis”.

Subtle Medical uses deep learning algorithms that integrate seamlessly with all vendors and picture archiving and communications systems (PACS) to enhance images without interruption to specialists’ workflow.

SubtlePET™  is FDA cleared and CE mark approved.

About Affidea Group

Affidea ( is the leading European provider of diagnostic imaging, outpatient and cancer care services, operating in 273 centers across 16 countries in Europe. Affidea Group employs over 9400 professionals and performs more than 14 million diagnostic examinations every year. Affidea is the only healthcare provider that sits on the Imaging Board of IBM Watson and also at Microsoft Cloud. Due to its track record for patient safety, Affidea is the most awarded diagnostic imaging provider in Europe by the European Society of Radiology – over 50% of all the centers awarded on the Eurosafe Wall of Stars belong to Affidea. The company is owned by interests associated with the Bertarelli family which are advised by their business entreprise, Waypoint Capital.

About Subtle Medical

Subtle Medical, Inc. is a healthcare technology company founded by Stanford University Neuroradiologist, Professor Greg Zaharchuk, MD, PhD and Enhao Gong, PhD. The company has developed a suite of deep learning solutions that improve workflow efficiency and patient experience. It received the NVIDIA Inception Award for Top Healthcare+AI Startup Globally selected from over 3,000 contenders. It also was named a 2018 Minnies Award semi-finalist for Best New Radiology Vendor by Current clinical partners include UCSF, Hoag Hospital, UCSD, UPMC, MD Anderson and more. For more information, visit