• Affidea reaches 327 centres at European level, seeing up to almost 12 million patients per year 
  • The Affidea Group announces today the acquisition of Clínica Nuno Álvares and Clínica de Santa Mafalda in Portugal, two Phoenix medical centres in Deva and Alba Iulia, Romania and 3 centres in Spain - the polyclinics Infanta Mercedes Medical Centre, El Mirador Polyclinic and Colmenar Viejo Radiodiagnosis
  • Since 2018 the Company has completed 30 acquisitions with 110 new centres added to its network.

July 4th, 2022, The Hague, Netherlands: Affidea Group announces today strategic acquisitions in three countries – Spain, Portugal and Romania — adding 7 new centres to its network and reaching 327 centres at European level, as part of its growth strategy.

clinica nuno alvares

In Portugal, Affidea announces the acquisition of Clínica Nuno Álvares and Clínica de Santa Mafalda, two important providers of advanced diagnostics and outpatient services in the municipality of Almada, greater Lisbon area. Clínica Nuno Alvares, located in the centre of Almada, has been an important healthcare provider in the city for over 30 years, offering a wide spectrum of medical consultations, clinical analyses and diagnostics exams. Likewise, Santa Mafalda Clinic, located in the centre of Costa Caparica, has for over 30 years provided a wide range of consultations in more than 25 clinical specialties and blood analysis. With this acquisition, Affidea Portugal reaches 19 clinics at country level, 3 laboratories and more than 300 blood collection points.

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In Spain, the acquisition of the polyclinics Infanta Mercedes Medical Centre, El Mirador Polyclinic and Colmenar Viejo Radiodiagnosis brings to Affidea patients, in addition to Diagnostic Imaging, a wide range of over 25 specialty consultations. The centres collaborate with more than 30 medical societies, several clinical analysis laboratories, and serve both publicly and privately funded patients. The Infanta Mercedes Medical Centre is located in one of the busiest business and residential areas of Madrid, operating in the market since 1990, while the other two centres, El Mirador Polyclinic and Colmenar Viejo Radiodiagnosis, are located in the north of Madrid and have been operating since 2011. With this acquisition, Affidea Spain reaches 40 clinics at country level.


In Romania, with the acquisition of 2 Phoenix medical centres in Deva and Alba Iulia, the Affidea Romania network will increase to 38 centres. The two clinics provide medical imaging services (MRI, CT, Dexa), as well as consultations in various medical specialties. 

With these additions, the Affidea network reaches 327 centres at European level, working with over 11,000 professionals and seeing almost 12 million patients every year. 

Giuseppe Recchi, CEO Affidea Group, commented: “I am very proud of how successful we have been in pursuing our mission to be the diagnostic imaging service provider of choice for our patients, doctors and payors. We have reached a unique position as the leading pan-European diagnostic imaging provider, having expanded our scale, and being in the top 3 providers in every country where we operate. We select clinics that can complement our portfolio with their strong local reputation, medical offering and clinical specialities, which extend and strengthen our scope. Demand for quality health services is growing visibly stronger, and at Affidea, we are committed to meeting this demand, keeping at core what differentiates us – clinical excellence, state-of-the-art technology and an amazing network of over 11,000 professionals, of which 7,500 are clinical staff.”

In June this year, Affidea was awarded the Diagnostic Provider of the Year Award at the HealthInvestor Awards 2022.

In the past 5 years, Affidea has added almost 110 centres to its network, almost doubling the size of the Group. In 2022 alone, the company has expanded in 6 countries of its operations, starting in Italy with the acquisition of Promea, a reputable outpatient provider in Piedmont, followed by an outpatient clinic in Lithuania, the Brust Zentrum Zurich centre in Switzerland, Tecma Clinic, a renowned outpatient medical provider in Valencia, Spain and the three most recent ones in Portugal, Spain and Romania.

About Affidea Group

Affidea Group ( is Europe's largest provider of advanced imaging, outpatient and cancer treatment services. Founded in 1991, the company has 327 medical centres in 15 countries, advanced diagnostics, outpatient and cancer care services for more than 11 million patients annually. Due to its high standards in patient safety, Affidea is the most awarded provider of medical imaging services in Europe. More than half of the award-winning centres with 5-stars on the Eurosafe Wall of Stars, accredited by the European Society of Radiology in Europe, are Affidea centres.