Affidea CEO Message on IDOR 2022

To all medical professionals working in Radiology,

We are celebrating today the International Day of Radiology (IDOR), which marks a remarkable 127 years since Wilhelm Röntgen discovered X-rays. 

Today, radiology is doing more for health than has ever done before. Sub-specialty expertise, new technology advancements, artificial intelligence and data management are all bringing a tremendous positive impact on how we deliver healthcare services to our patients.

At Affidea, we know the value of the latest technology available. Still, equally, we are aware that this technology would not produce results without the invaluable role of medical imaging experts - radiologists, radiographers, medical physicists and all medical team members working in the medical centres. In particular, this day is a celebration of our outstanding clinical professionals and the dedication and interconnectedness of the team, to which their work and achievements are a testament.

We are more than 11.000 professionals in our 329 centres across 15 countries in Europe, working together to improve millions of lives every year. I am taking this opportunity to thank each of them for playing their part in the development of radiology, delivering every day, with passion and commitment, high-quality medical care with an outstanding patient experience.

It takes dedication and passion in the long run to achieve excellence in healthcare. Whether it is pioneering AI solutions to enhance diagnostic accuracy or patient safety or supporting national health systems with our services or teleradiology solutions, we remain committed to delivering world-class medical services, with patients at the heart of everything we do, wherever we have a presence.

Happy International Day of Radiology to everyone!

Best wishes,
Guy Blomfield
CEO & Chairman of the Supervisory Board