Affidea Bosnia provides professional development opportunities

Medical physicists working in Affidea Bosnia were provided the opportunity to take part in the ESTRO Basic Clinical Radiobiology course in Belgium’s capital, Brussels. Radiobiology is the foundation of successful radiation therapy treatment and plays a vital role in the fractionation of radiation therapy treatment and dose rate effect on normal tissue and tumor.

Participants were able to see in-vitro, in-vivo and in-silico studies on animals and humans, starting from the DNA damage to cell reparation and tumor control. Particular attention was paid to presentation of LQ model of calculation as one of the main tools used to change the treatment regimes.

Drazan Jaros, CTC Banja Luka medical physicist, conveyed positive impressions from the course and highly recommended it to other medical physicists.

Comprehensive and practical brachytherapy - Greece

Affidea’s medical professionals were able to attend a course recently hosted in Athens on brachytherapy, a radiation therapy modality with high dose gradient and normal tissue sparing by delivering high doses to tumor.

Divided between practical and theoretical, the course demonstrated that brachytherapy is mainly given to patients with gynecological, lung or prostate tumors, the most frequent localization in patients treated in CTC. Tatjana Ignjic, a young medical physicist who attended the course, said it was of most benefit to radiation oncologists, medical physicists and RTTs.