CALL FOR UNITY: Maja, our nurse, had her house destroyed in the earthquake – Help and Donate!

The COVID-19 crisis threatens everyone’s way of living, but it is especially difficult for people who are already vulnerable and even more challenged by unpredictable natural disasters. 


About Maja

Maja has joined Affidea Croatia more than 4 years ago and she is a dedicated nurse in our medical centre in Zagreb. She is married and has a 1-year old child.  

While the whole world has closed its doors in self isolation to protect against COVID-19, in the early morning of March 22nd, Maja’s house was destroyed in the strongest earthquake in Croatia’s last 140 years. The 5.3 magnitude earthquake has shaken the Croatian capital, bringing much of the population on the streets after the social distancing regulations to prevent the spread of coronavirus had been put in place. 

Now, when families across the globe fear for their health and stay at home, our colleague is trying to rebuild her place to protect her family. Maja and her family made it out with no injuries and are very fortunate to be safe and healthy. They indeed have all the love and support from local friends, but they will need the monetary aid to rebuild what they have lost. 

Her situation is even more difficult since as a nurse, every day, she is going above and beyond in the medical centre, caring for patients while she has to deal with such a difficult life situation. Our hearts are heavy for Maja and her family who have suffered such a loss in these already challenging circumstances, but hard times test us all and it is now, more than ever, that we need to show solidarity and company values. 

We are asking all of you to join our efforts and offer Maja help when she needs it most.


You can donate any amount by a bank transfer to Maja’s account listed below by April 22nd

Our support in this difficult period will go a very long way.

Together we can make a difference for Maja and help her pass the COVID-19 crisis in a safe way for her and her family.  

Maja Bank Account 002