The First European School of Oncology (ESO) Visiting Professor Meeting in BiH with a Multi-disciplinary Approach Organised by Affidea Bosnia

Radiation oncologists from Affidea Bosnia have been dedicated for 12 years to improving radiation oncology in the Republika Srpska and BiH. This time, in cooperation with Professor Dr. Albert Costa, CEO of the European School of Oncology in Milan, a special type of education was agreed, which includes the visit of a renowned expert to the country in order to educate as many local experts as possible.

As part of this programme, Affidea Bosnia hosted the esteemed Professor Philip Poortmans from Belgium, a world-renowned expert in the treatment of breast cancer. During the meeting, Professor Poortmans was familiarised with the organisation, equipment and methodology of the Affidea Bosnia Radiotherapy Centre, and after the case presentation, he gave a very positive opinion on the work of the centre and the treatment of oncology patients in Banja Luka. He also attended the breast oncology tumor board at the University Clinical Centre of the Republic of Srpska and confirmed that patients are treated according to current international protocols.


 After the visit to the Affidea Banja Luka centre, lectures and discussions were held at the Medical Faculty in Banja Luka. In addition to radiation oncology specialists from Affidea Bosnia and prof. Poortmans, lectures were given by experts from the University Clinical Centre of the Republic of Srpska, Sarajevo School of Science and the Chief Medical Officer of the Affidea Group from Milan, Dr. Alessandro Roncacci. The gathering was attended by specialists in radiation oncology, medical oncology, radiology, surgery, pathology, medical physics and radiological technology. All lectures and discussions were held in English.


 A special contribution to the gathering was given by the representative of the European Association of Breast Cancer Survivors EvropaDona and the representative of the local patient association Iskra from Banja Luka. With their presentations, they gave an insight into the patient perspective on the treatment system and presented their contributions to the improvement of oncological treatment.

Assoc. Prof. Goran Marošević, Radiation Oncologist and Medical Director of Affidea IMC Banja Luka Centre, commented: “Breast cancer is the most prevalent cancer type in women and as such deserves special attention by the oncology society.  Our main focus is placed on evidence-based medicine, which is continuously changing to improve patient outcome, and for that, continuous medical education is of utmost importance. Receiving confirmation of our clinical excellence from Prof. Poortmans, the most prominent authority in this field of medicine, grants us confidence to continue on the same path. We are proud to have successfully included Affidea in the European School of Oncology.“ 

Affidea Bosnia Country Manager Marijan Bilic said: “I think that we all learnt a lot during these two days. Besides scientific topics, there were many other related issues discussed, such as: comprehensive cancer care model, internal and external growth in the existing Affidea countries, as well as new markets with a special focus on WE (Germany, France, Nederland, etc.). I must stress that we even discussed the new tariff system in radiotherapy, which is coming soon, based on hypofractionation plus ‘flash’ treatment modalities.

With this event, I would like to raise the flag for oncology generally to be in focus for Affidea. We have the expertise in everything we do and there are unlimited possibilities for successful development for the satisfaction of Affidea management, shareholders, and our existing and future patients.”