The Annual Affidea Clinical Council and Quality Meeting: Uniting Excellence in Madrid

In a remarkable event that combined the International Medical & Quality Council with the International Marketing Meeting, Affidea gathered its top medical, quality, and marketing directors from around Europe in Madrid's lively atmosphere.

The event was attended by Affidea CEO & Chairman, Guy Blomfield, who shared his strategic vision and inspiring message with the teams: “At Affidea, our commitment to excellence is centered around delivering high-quality services with an outstanding patient experience. Through seamless collaboration within our dedicated teams and fostering cross-functional and cross-country collaboration, we're channelling our collective expertise to offer the best possible care with outcomes that truly matter to patients. I was delighted to participate in this meeting and meet our dedicated clinical, quality & marketing teams across all our countries”.

The Medical Directors and the Corporate Clinical Team discussed various critical topics, including:

  • Clinical Governance & Quality Standards
  • Exploring innovative clinical services and products
  • Advancing radiation protection measures
  • Clinical research initiatives
  • Crafting winning strategies to attract and retain clinical talents across the entire Affidea Group together with HR
  • Country Best Practices & Clinical Innovative Solutions

clinical council 1

Dr. Alessandro Roncacci, SVP Chief Medical Officer, highlighted the meeting's significance:

“This meeting exemplifies our commitment to delivering top-tier medical care and ensuring the highest quality across all our centres. Together, we are setting the gold standard in healthcare”.

The Quality Team, representing 15 countries, also convened in Madrid for their annual meeting, underscoring the central role of quality in Affidea. Quality at Affidea is more than a component; it's the foundation of their mission and a commitment to the highest standards of excellence.

Dr. Athanasia Papachristodoulou, Quality and Clinical Governance Director for the Affidea Group, stated: " Quality and Clinical Governance Director for Affidea Group, stated: "Quality is the essence of our practice. It's not just a metric to meet; it's a culture to embody. Our commitment to Quality runs deep within our organisation, and it resonates in every service we provide. It's a promise to our patients, partners, and ourselves to consistently raise the bar and set new industry benchmarks." 

clinical council 2