Group CEO and Switzerland Country Manager Joint Interview



As Switzerland joins the list of countries rebranded to Affidea in the corporate network, Group CEO, Dimitris Moulavasilis, and CEO of Affidea Switzerland, Ralph Hefti, give an interview to Tribune de Genève, detailing the company rebranding strategy, which goes hand in hand with its ambitious expansion plans. Here are some highlights:

Why did you decide to change the company name?

Dimitris Moulavasilis: - The company wants to expand its range of services and its operations beyond Europe, to become the world's largest provider of diagnostic imaging and radiation therapy services within ten years. For this, we need a name that reflects our values everywhere. This is the case with Affidea "Affi" means affinity, "fide" fidelity and 'idea' innovations.

Where do you want to expand?

DM: - In the countries where we operate, we want to increase our services in cancer treatment (radiotherapy and chemotherapy), and expand into Western Europe (UK, Spain, Netherlands, Austria) if possible in the countries of the Gulf or South America. We grow organically, through acquisitions and public private partnerships (PPP). In many countries, public hospitals and states choose to privatize activities such as imaging to ensure quality medical services at the best cost.

How is Affidea able to provide value for money?

DM: We have the means to offer highly efficient services at low cost.


DM: Big data – we perform 88,000 CT examinations per month, we have 836 pieces of radiological equipment, including 140 MRI scanners and 96 CTs. We process over 1 petabyte of data, from which we can learn and develop the best possible protocols, including optimisation of the radiation dose each patient is exposed to. 

RH: Also, due to the size of our network, we are able to buy not one, but several pieces of equipment at once, thus taking advantage of large order pricing.

DM: We can also ask doctors to interpret images made in another centre. In many countries, there is a shortage of skilled radiologists – such as neuroradiologists– but our doctors can use our internal network to find the specialist they need.