Navigating the Future of Healthcare: AI Innovations implemented across the Affidea network

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is revolutionising the healthcare industry globally, with groundbreaking applications in medical imaging and diagnostics. Several Affidea countries have adopted AI-powered tools in clinical settings, significantly enhancing patient care and treatment accuracy.

This article highlights some notable AI implementations in various countries.

Lithuania, Greece and Croatia: Icobrain DM

Icometrix's icobrain DM has been implemented in 14 clinics in Lithuania, 2 in Greece and 3 in Croatia. This AI tool specialises in measuring abnormal brain patterns, crucial for early detection and/or follow-up of Alzheimer's and other dementia-causing diseases. It reports sensitive brain volumetrics and quantifies and tracks cortical brain volumes and asymmetries. This assists in the differential diagnosis of common dementia types. Icobrain DM also compares these volumes to an age-sex-matched normative reference population and visualises abnormality patterns in an intuitive volume signature.

Portugal: Incepto Integrating Multiple AI Solutions

Portugal has seen the integration of multiple AI solutions through Incepto in 12 clinics. This includes Icometrix’s Icobrain DM for brain analysis and Aidence Veye Lung, a CE-certified tool for automated lung nodule detection and quantification on chest CTs with a specific impact on clinical and screening patterns. Additionally, Keros + Polaris, an AI-augmented radiology solution for knee MRI, has been tested in 2 clinics, and Transpara, which assists in mammography exams, has been used in 4 clinics. These diverse AI tools are fully integrated into the radiology workflow and are suitable for routine clinical practice according to the local radiologists’ needs.

7 Affidea countries: Air Recon Deep Learning solution

Affidea implemented this innovative solution from GE Healthcare across 7 of its markets and 18 centres: Portugal, Greece, Ireland, Switzerland, Poland, Italy and Lithuania. The solution brings significant operational efficiencies in MR settings by reducing the scan time and improving image quality at the same time.

Dr. Alessandro Roncacci, SVP Chief Medical Officer of Affidea, stated: "Artificial Intelligence in healthcare is not only a technological advancement; it's a new chapter in medical excellence. As we witness its integration in diagnostics across multiple countries, it becomes clear that AI is redefining patient care. These tools are not just instruments for accurate diagnoses; they embody a promise for operational efficiencies also. This evolution marks a significant leap towards a future where precision medicine is a standard, ensuring that every patient receives the best possible care tailored to their unique needs. In 2024 we will progress on our AI implementation journey with more innovative solutions that will be tested across our countries and potentially implemented.”