Child-Friendly PET CT in IRMET Centre, Italy


In its eleventh year, Affidea’s IRMET Centre in Italy never ceases to surprise and innovate. The latest development is the creation of a child-friendly PET CT examination. IRMET already has a renowned pediatric care unit, which set the team to thinking that the whole experience of being there should be tailored towards children.

"Infancy is the carefree period of life that our little ones must sacrifice to such kinds of treatment and the enormous toils involved, therefore in our limited way we have tried to conserve it as far as possible," explained Elisabetta Salza, Managing Director of IRMET.

“Observing the entries of our centre,” she continued, “ we realised that there are more and more babies and children arriving at IRMET to undergo an important and decisive exam, such as the PET CT. We began to reflect on this, concluding that here, as in other hospitals, everything is designed for adult patients. Together with the technicians and physicians we decided it was time to change our outlook and thus render the procedure in IRMET less "heavy" for the little ones.”

In this way very young patients, entering the centre together with their parents, will be able to follow a route dedicated to them, starting from the reception area, in what looks like an island in the ocean, then proceeding to the PET CT room where the machinery visually resembles a submarine navigating in clear waters full of smiling fish.

Child-Friendly Care

The project was officially inaugurated on Thursday 8th October and received a lot of support from various groups in Italy – a testament to its validity.

IRMET kindly expresses its thanks to the following parties for their belief in this initiative:

Advanced Accelerator Applications and IBA Molecular Italy, producers of tracers necessary to carry out the exam; Marco Antonetto Pharmaceuticals for supplements dedicated to small children; the Centrale del Latte (Milk Center) of Turin; TRUDI, SEVI AND OLLI, children's game manufacturers, who have donated games, which will be given to children after exam; the DE BENEDETTI FOUNDATION of CHERASCO 1547 ONLUS who, as the founder, continues to sustain the IRMET projects.

Sponsors: the Union of Italian Parents, the Italian Federation of Oncohematology Parents Pediatrics ONLUS, and Italian Association of Hematology Oncology Pediatrics