Happy International Day of Radiology!

November 7th and 8th are two important days for us. We are celebrating today the International Day of Radiology (IDoR), recognising the remarkable contributions made by medical imaging to healthcare and the role that radiology professionals play in providing high quality care to patients, while yesterday we honoured the International Day of Medical Physics.

The motto of this year’s IDoR’s theme is “Interventional Radiology - Active care for the patient” and comes to reinforce the key role of interventional radiology as a growing subspecialty in invasive diagnostics and in vascular and extravascular treatment of numerous pathologies.

As a leading European provider of advanced diagnostic imaging and nuclear medicine services, we know that radiology is not a stand-alone service along the patients’ medical journey, it sits, in fact, at the core of every clinical decision making. At Affidea, we bring our sub-specialty expertise across our 312 centers to offer clinical excellence, whether we speak about interventional radiology across our countries in both Western Europe and Central Eastern Europe, or specific highly advanced DI examinations for different pathologies.

We are part of a large network of more than 4000 doctors in 15 countries, we learn from each other and we use our know-how to continuously improve the way we deliver our medical services. We are empowered by the latest technology and digital innovations, but the clinical power stays in your knowledge, skills, expertise and the care you offer everyday to our patients.

On this occasion, we recognise the many innovations in radiology researches, the solid quality processes we put in place like the peer review system to ensure clinical excellence, the innovative programs we launched, like Dose Excellence, to offer the highest standards in patient safety or the great technological leaps that we committed to, like AI, - all these enable us to offer an outstanding level of care and our contribution in saving countless lives every year.

To all of you - radiologists, radiographers, nuclear medicine doctors, physicists, medical assistants - I would like to thank you for playing your part in elevating patient care and delivering every day, with passion and commitment, high quality medical services with an outstanding patient experience.

I wish you all a Happy International Day of Radiology!
Stay safe and healthy!

Best wishes,
Dr Alessandro Roncacci
Senior Vice President
Chief Medical Officer Affidea