Affidea Opens Specialist Cardiac CT Centre in Kozani



Affidea is branching out in Northern Greece and adding a third centre to its collection in Kozani. In addition to the multimodality diagnostic and lab centres, there will now be a specialist cardiac CT centre, also performing private US examinations. However, it is so much more than that. This centre will offer highly specialised cardiac CT services, altogether unavailable in the entire region and rather hard to come by at all. This means that the all-new CT centre – replacing a previously operating centre that became redundant – will have a catchment area of 2.1m inhabitants.

The old CT from the previous centre was replaced this year with a 64-slice refurbished machine, appropriate for cardiac CT examinations. This project includes the purchase of the cardiac package, injector, IT and other equipment necessary for the reopening of the centre.

The doctor at the heart of this project already has a 10-year relationship with Affidea, having sold his privately-owned clinic to the group in 2006. Dr Konstantinos Michailidis instantly became a much-valued member of the team due to his specific skill set and experience in performing cardiac CT examinations in the UK. Dr Michailidis is in high demand, not only is he one of the most popular doctors in Northern Greece, the centre he heads will become a key training hub for cardiac CTs, where radiologists throughout the Affidea network will receive live, interactive guidance in this field.

“It is important to note the value of the training in a working centre – these will not be idealised, high quality images, but the working images of day-to-day operations, which most of our radiologists experience in their own centres. We will also be performing the training, designed to show rads how to achieve more effective diagnoses in this area, within all the real time and other constrictions of an operating CT centre,” commented Dr Michailidis.