Digitalisation Achievements Across Affidea Countries: A Year of Innovation

Affidea's journey this past year has been marked by several digitalisation achievements, setting new standards in healthcare. These advancements have not only enhanced patient engagement and their satisfaction but also drove operational efficiencies. As we review these milestones, we take immense pride in our commitment to integrating cutting-edge technology in healthcare.

 A Leap Towards a Paperless Healthcare Environment in Ireland

In Ireland, Affidea has embarked on a unique journey, becoming the only provider to offer a fully digital pathway from referral to report.

A pivotal part of this transformation is the introduction of the Patient Consent Management System at our Dundrum Clinic. This system significantly improves the patient admission process by digitising consent forms, thereby eliminating the need for physical paperwork upon patient arrival.

With plans to extend this digital solution across all Irish clinics, the ambition is to cut paper usage by up to 80% over the next year, reinforcing our commitment to sustainability and efficient healthcare delivery.


Greece – Affidea E-Health (Phase 1) Patient Portal

The launch of the Affidea E-Health Portal in Greece signifies a major step forward in enhancing patient engagement. This portal is designed to provide patients with a more active role in their healthcare management, by enabling them to securely access and manage their medical records.

The portal allows for the viewing and downloading of medical reports in various formats, including detailed data and PDFs, and provides access to Direct Imaging results. The introduction of this digital platform is not only a testament to innovation but also contributes to operational automation, reducing time waste and building brand loyalty.

Poland – Electronic Medical Records Integration

In Poland, the integration with the Electronic Medical Records (EMR) marks a significant improvement in patient and referring doctors’ engagement.

This digital leap allows patients to easily access and share their diagnostic reports and medical images with their referring doctors with just one click. Referring doctors also benefit from quicker access to essential medical information, enabling timely, informed medical decisions.

This streamlined process not only enhances patient empowerment by providing immediate access to their medical data but also fosters a more efficient care delivery system.

Cloud-based Data Warehouse Pilot Project across 3 countries

Affidea's introduction of a cloud-based Data Warehouse pilot project across Hungary, Poland, and Ireland is a testament to our forward-thinking approach. This project aims to centralise operational insights through a PowerBI dashboard, tracking various operational KPIs such as appointment scheduling, examination details, time waste rate, patient returns and more.

The project underscores Affidea's dedication to leveraging technology for operational excellence and improved patient care.

These digitalisation efforts across the Affidea network are more than just achievements; they represent a commitment to pioneering a future where healthcare is more accessible, efficient, and patient-focused. As we continue to innovate, we remain dedicated to exploring new technological avenues to enhance the patient experience and drive operational effectiveness.