Affidea Debuts at this Year’s ESTRO Congress



In 2016, for the first time, Affidea had its own, dedicated booth at ESTRO – the congress of the European Society for Radiotherapy and Oncology - this year held in Turin, Northern Italy. As part of the strategy to increase its presence on the cancer treatment and radiotherapy market, Affidea made its debut at ESTRO with a fully branded booth and a team of representatives engaging in high level networking talks and attracting new business.

“I think the congress was a success,” said Corporate Marketing Director Michal Korczeniewski. “Affidea’s main goal was to attract new business, but also new talent to the company. We had a small but effective booth, lots of people were drawn to it and our team was able to engage many visitors and follow up with meetings held throughout the week. Now it’s time to pursue our leads and also to learn from our first experiences here so that we can build on them next year.”

The congress was attended by an estimated 5000 delegates from the world’s leading radiotherapy companies, including radiation therapists, RTTs, medical physicists and non-medical professionals.

Chief Radiation Technologist from Affidea Bosnia, Aleksandar Kostovski, was invited to Chair the 5th RTT poster viewing session at ESTRO, introducing and facilitating discussion of the presented posters with an audience of peers and registered participants.

Also present at ESTRO were Goran Kolarevic, Chief Medical Physicist from Affidea Bosnia, and a team of Polish representatives, who had a series of networking meetings throughout the week. The Affidea booth was joined by Centre Manager from the local IRMET PET-CT clinic, Elisabetta Salza, who was able reach out on a local and national level to all Italian speaking participants at the congress.

“I was very happy to join my colleagues on the booth, this is a huge event in our profession and as an Affidea PET CT centre based in Torino we obviously couldn’t miss being present. It is an opportunity that I hope will be repeated at future congresses by the Group and in which we will, as IRMET, always be willing to collaborate,” commented Mrs Salza.