Affidea CEO Attends IFC Global Private Health Conference



Traditionally, the heath sector has operated in closed national markets. But no longer. Globalisation is driving the mobility of health professionals, health consumers and companies, taking successful business models from one country to another. Public and private providers are looking at cross border solutions to procuring and delivering goods and services.

Technology is fuelling this trend, making it possible to deliver services in remote places, track patient records and help patients better manage chronic conditions.

Using technology, companies can standardise care with protocols and achieve a high level of quality and patient safety, even as they operate under lower price margins.

Affidea CEO Mr Dimitris Moulavasilis takes part in an international conference of private healthcare leaders from 215 companies worldwide.

“To be able to provide high quality care in a smaller margin, you have to drive care standardisation and evidence-based medicine and you need scale, ” Mr Moulavasilis explained“ You also need a highly specific management skill set to be able utilise this scale.

Scale gives you a vast amount of data, which can be compared, best practices shared and medical services constantly fine tuned. It also gives you a diverse network of specialist consultants with whom to confer and discuss complex cases.”

Mr Moulavasilis also noted the importance of IT in connecting the various modalities, doctors and patients.

“Advanced connectivity and Cloud computing enables doctors to assess images anywhere, thus their skills are available in remote places. At the same time we collect a huge amount of data that allows us to improve our care standards over time.”

IFC Private Health Conference

In its sixth year, the IFC Global Private Health Conference provides a unique environment for leaders in the health industry from developed and emerging markets to exchange ideas, knowledge and best practices.

The conference was attended by participants representing 215 companies from 55 countries, 62% of them at senior level.

Dimitris Moulavasilis, participated in a panel focusing on the Health Sector and Globalisation and contributed with Affidea’s insights and cross border experience.


•Mohan Chellappa, President Global Ventures, John Hopkins Medicine International 
•Allan Sogaard Larsen, President and CEO, Falck Group 
•Dimitris Moulavasilis, CEO, Affidea 
•Fredrik Ragmark, CEO, Medicover 
•Malvinder Mohan Singh, Executive Chairman, Fortis Healthcare Limited


•Praneet Singh, Managing Director, Singuler Guff & Company