A new name built on long established values



CEO Dimitris Moulavasilis presents Affidea

"Much has changed in healthcare during the past two decades.

The growth of CT and MRI have moved radiology and overall healthcare into a new era. PET-CT and Digital Mammography have changed oncological imaging and greatly improved the quality of cancer diagnosis and care. Digital ultrasound has become the new stethoscope.

Precision cancer treatment techniques such as IMRT have saved the lives of millions. Digital imaging is replacing film everywhere. New information technology is changing the way the entire healthcare system works.

More will change

New developments in radiology will continue to separate medical image acquisition from interpretation, allowing images to be accessed, read and interpreted anywhere.

We will have better, faster, greener and more efficient equipment interconnected via the internet. Big data will drive our workflow, allowing previously unimagined levels of cooperation between clinician and radiologist, with much improved communication with patients.

Radiation oncology will advance further, allowing faster, smarter and far more precise cancer treatment techniques with a stronger convergence with medical imaging.

The future will create demand for more and better services, widely accessible to all. This, in turn, will make demands on efficiency and, as always, on the highest quality medical outcome and safety standards.

We have always embraced change and always will. And, we are in the best position to do so.

We have a robust business model, an innovative care delivery system, the best people in Europe, strong networks and affiliations, solid and committed ownership - all promising new growth prospects.

We will embrace change in everything we do, but we will never compromise our values:

Affinity with doctors and patients.
Trust and fidelity in everything we do.
Constant progress through ideas and innovation.

These are the values on which Euromedic was built.
These values are the foundation on which we have grown to become Europe’s largest and most trusted provider of diagnostic imaging and cancer care services.
They are the same values on which Affidea will continue to grow and evolve.

Today we face the future with confidence - with a new name built on long established values."