Community Engagement: Affidea's Approach to Health and Social Responsibility

At Affidea, we are redefining the role of healthcare in society, transcending the traditional boundaries of medical care to embrace a broader spectrum of community engagement and support.

This article showcases the diverse and impactful initiatives we had that go beyond the confines of traditional healthcare to foster societal development, education, and support across various European countries. From nurturing young athletes in Switzerland to providing humanitarian aid in Turkey, and promoting health awareness in Croatia, Affidea's actions are a testament to our belief in a holistic approach to health, encompassing both physical wellness and the broader societal good, nurturing communities and empowering lives.

The Affidea Sports Academy: Elevating Young Swiss Athletes

Affidea Switzerland launched the Affidea Sports Academy in May 2023, marking a significant step in their commitment to community engagement. This innovative initiative aims to support young French-speaking Swiss athletes. It's not just about financial assistance for three years; it represents a comprehensive developmental program offering professional support and guidance to support these young talents to navigate and advance in their sporting careers.

After a meticulous selection process from over 160 applicants, Affidea Switzerland identified four outstanding young athletes in October. These young individuals were chosen based on a blend of criteria that included their athletic potential and inner drive.

Marc-Andre Christinat, CEO of Affidea Switzerland, articulates the company's ethos on this initiative: “For Affidea, nothing is more important than health. For us, sport and health share the same values, which are the importance of physical and mental well-being, excellence, resilience and the search for balance. As a healthcare player and as a national company established locally in several cantons, we believe we have a social responsibility and a duty of commitment to the society we serve.”

Watch the video with the four young athletes supported by Affidea, here:

Empowering Radiologists: The Affidea Greece Initiative

In Greece, Affidea has launched a pioneering scholarship program in collaboration with the Hellenic Radiological Society. The aim is to bolster the specialisation of young radiologists in Pediatric Radiology, a crucial yet under-supported field in Greece.

The scholarship offers a unique opportunity for young professionals to undergo a three-month education program at prestigious international centres, enhancing their skills and knowledge.

The Hellenic Radiological Society, established in 1933, has been at the forefront of promoting high standards in Radiology in Greece. It focuses on the development and exchange of scientific knowledge across all imaging disciplines, contributing significantly to the field's advancement through education and research.

Solidarity in Action: Affidea's Relief Efforts Following Turkey's Devastating Earthquakes

Our colleagues from Turkey demonstrated profound solidarity and support following the devastating earthquakes in February. The south-eastern regions of Turkey, severely impacted by the 7.4 magnitude quake, witnessed the compassionate response of the Affidea team.

They provided invaluable health aid, financial support, and continued care for patients amidst the crisis. This response highlighted Affidea's commitment to humanitarian efforts, showing that their care extends beyond the confines of their facilities.

Championing Breast Health: Affidea Croatia's Initiative

A Pink Pledge: Affidea Vita Polyclinic's Fight Against Breast Cancer

In Croatia, Affidea Vita Polyclinic played a pivotal role in promoting breast cancer awareness. During Breast Cancer Month, the clinic embraced a pink theme and offered free breast ultrasound exams to underscore the significance of regular screenings. This initiative is a vital part of Affidea's preventive healthcare approach, focusing on early detection as a key to successful clinical outcomes.

The clinic's dedicated team, including Dr. Jakša Škugor, MD Vlatko Knežević, and Dr. Indira Vukčević, devoted their expertise to this cause. Their message to women is clear and powerful: prioritise your health and embrace prevention.


"Vivere bene mangiando" - Promoting Wellness Through Nutrition in Italy

The "Vivere bene mangiando – Nutrition and Wellness" project in Gessate, Lombardy, exemplifies Affidea's commitment to patient engagement and health education.

This initiative, consisting of six events throughout 2023, had a significant impact, with a total of 480 people attending. These events, focusing on the critical impact of nutrition on health, facilitated meaningful discussions led by Affidea’s expert doctors in various specialities, including Cardiology, Diabetology, Gynecology, Immunology, Urology, and Physiotherapy.

The success of this project is further highlighted by the active participation of the attendees: 300 of them subscribed to Affidea’s newsletter, and an impressive 60% sought consultations with doctors to take care of their health. This level of engagement underscores Affidea's pivotal role in enhancing health awareness and promoting well-informed healthcare choices in the community.

Affidea Ireland's Festive Charity Initiative

Affidea Ireland's partnership with Dublin Simon Community for the Charity Christmas Jumper Day on December 18 exemplifies the company's commitment to societal well-being.

This festive event was more than a celebration; it was a gesture of solidarity with those facing homelessness, aiming to bring warmth and joy during the holiday season.

Barry Downes, Country CEO of Affidea Ireland, emphasises the company's dedication: “At Affidea Ireland, we understand that our responsibility extends beyond healthcare. Participating in the Charity Christmas Jumper Day is a manifestation of our commitment to the community. By supporting the Dublin Simon Community, we are not only spreading festive cheer but also contributing to a cause that resonates deeply with our values. It's about bringing hope and comfort to those in need, and we are proud to be a part of this compassionate initiative.”

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