Affidea's Remarkable Growth in 2023: Expanding Across 8 Countries, Reaching 340 Centres

With a commitment to expanding its reach and clinical services portfolio for the communities it serves across 15 countries, Affidea has successfully completed 14 acquisitions this year across 8 countries. These acquisitions have not only broadened the company's geographic footprint but have also enhanced its ability to provide exceptional medical services in the communities it serves.

Guy Blomfield, Affidea Group CEO and Chairman of the Management Board, stated: “These acquisitions are significant milestones in our growth journey. They are a testament to our commitment to continuously invest in strategic acquisitions that align with our ambition of expanding our outpatient capabilities, complementing our advanced diagnostics suite, and allowing us to offer more accessible high-quality medical services to the communities where we are present.”

UK: A Hub of Excellence in Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine

Affidea's Fortius Clinic in the UK has acquired Schoen Clinic London, a dedicated orthopaedic hospital in central London. This acquisition solidifies the creation of a Centre of Excellence in sports medicine and orthopaedics. Patients, from amateur athletes to those with chronic orthopaedic issues, now have direct access to specialist, world-class care. Fortius Clinic's expertise extends to advanced joint replacements using cutting-edge robotic technology, underlining its commitment to setting high standards in clinical care.


Plastic Surgery Group in Switzerland: A Beacon in Breast Care

Affidea's acquisition of Plastic Surgery Group in Switzerland has been a strategic move that complements last year’s acquisition of Brust-Zentrum Zurich. With these two state-of-the-art centres in Zurich, Affidea created a unique Centre of Excellence in Breast Care. Patients now benefit from an end-to-end pathway, from breast cancer prevention to treatment and reconstruction, delivered by the best medical professionals who are working with the latest and most modern equipment.



Spain expands its outpatient capabilities

Affidea Spain expanded in Valencia through the acquisition of Clinica Atenea, a well-reputed outpatient and diagnostics provider. Founded two decades ago, the company boasts a network of four clinics strategically located in the metropolitan area of Valencia, including Aldaia, Torrent, L´Eliana, and Alfafar. The clinics offer a comprehensive range of services, including outpatient consultations in more than 25 clinical specialities, advanced diagnostics such as MRI, Mammography, Ultrasound, X-ray, DXA, and dental CT, as well as laboratory services. With this acquisition, Affidea reinforces its standing as a prominent outpatient healthcare provider in the Valencia region, reaching 43 centres in Spain and serving a total of more than 1 million patients every year.



Affidea Romania closes 3 acquisitions in 2023 and reaches 49 centres at the national level

Affidea completed 3 acquisitions in Romania this year, reaching 49 centres at the national level. ExMed and Biomed scan centres specialise in advanced diagnostics and specialist consultations, strengthening Affidea Romania’s national footprint and allowing patients greater access to high-quality care. The third acquisition, Odelga Imagistics, located within the Prof. Dr. Alexandru Trestioreanu Bucharest Oncology Institute, offers state-of-the-art imaging services of Computer Tomography (CT) and Ultrasound deploying the best equipment. This acquisition underscores Affidea's commitment to supporting oncological patients and the public healthcare system with advanced diagnostic examinations. 


Croatia's Eljuga Polyclinic: A Pinnacle of Women's Health

Affidea's acquisition of Eljuga Polyclinic in Croatia marks a significant stride in the company's mission to provide comprehensive women's health services. Eljuga Polyclinic, with its impressive 29-year history, has excelled in offering integrated care services, specialised in women's health. From genetic tests to diagnostic imaging, gynaecology, obstetrics, and oncological consultations, the clinic has created an end-to-end pathway for women's health. With this acquisition, Affidea extends its presence in Zagreb and now operates five policlinics, serving over 72,000 patients annually.


Portuguese Acquisitions: Elevating Diagnostics Excellence

In Portugal, Affidea's acquisitions this year include Radiologia de Albufeira, Clínica do Coração do Alentejo, and Ecorad Clinic. Radiologia de Albufeira, with a rich history of 28 years, and Ecorad Clinic, with over 30 years of history, are renowned for their diagnostic imaging services, while Clínica do Coração do Alentejo stands as a reference centre for cardiology. These acquisitions significantly strengthen Affidea's clinical capabilities, serving as a testament to the company's dedication to providing top-notch medical expertise across Portugal.


Italy expands its advanced diagnostic capabilities.

In May, the company acquired Istituto Radiologico Gandini, a highly reputed medical centre in Biella, Piedmont, specialising in diagnostic imaging and senology. This investment strengthened our presence in Italy, where we now operate 59 medical centres and serve over 2.3 million patients each year.

Istituto Radiologico Gandini is an advanced diagnostic centre with over 30 years of activity in Biella – Piedmont and a strong reputation in radiology and senology. The centre works with a medical team highly specialised in breast care, offering advanced diagnostic imaging such as MRI, mammography, bone densitometry, Doppler ultrasound, and comprehensive breast check-ups and screenings. With this acquisition, Affidea diversifies and integrates its medical services in the Piedmont region, creating a model of clinical excellence that will offer patients a complete care pathway across the region, according to their different medical needs.