Affidea's Leap Forward: Bringing quality care closer to home, across countries

As healthcare needs evolve globally, Affidea stands at the forefront of this transformation, exemplifying a commitment to expanding high-quality outpatient services. This comes as a result of the company’s dedication to enhancing patient access to care and ensuring the delivery of high-quality medical services in a timely and accessible way.

Therefore, in the last year, we have expanded our advanced diagnostics services while at the same time, we added new outpatient capabilities in state-of-the-art polyclinics, where we are offering a comprehensive range of services in a single, accessible location for people’s health needs,at their convenience.

We look back with pride to the achievements of our countries:

Affidea Lithuania: Pioneering outstanding polyclinics and Emergency Care services

Affidea Lithuania launched two new state-of-the-art polyclinics this year to better respond to the communities’ needs and patients’ demands.

The Kaunas polyclinic stands as a beacon of comprehensive care, offering a broad spectrum of services ranging from GP consultations to day surgery and advanced diagnostics. Housing over 100 doctors, the clinic is equipped with the latest technology, including 3T MRI, CT, Mammography, X-ray, and Ultrasound, ensuring precise and accurate results.


Strategically located in a bustling shopping mall in Vilnius, the Affidea Vilnius Outlet is uniquely positioned for sports and rehabilitation needs. This clinic serves a diverse range of individuals, from those focusing on body strengthening and general health to professional athletes and those seeking expedited recovery.

lithuania 2

But the team in Lithuania didn’t stop there. Affidea Klaipėda clinic witnessed significant expansion, enhancing its outpatient services offerings, while at the same time, they are now recognised in the country as the only healthcare provider offering emergency services in a private clinic setting. With Express Care services now available in four cities - Vilnius, Kaunas, Šiauliai, and Klaipėda - they are setting new standards in accessible emergency care.

Romania sets a new milestone: The launch of Affidea Sema

In Romania, the Affidea group has made a significant leap with the opening of Affidea Sema in Bucharest. This greenfield clinic spans over 1,000 square meters and offers an extensive range of medical services. These include state-of-the-art diagnostic imaging services, 17 multi-speciality consultations, blood analysis, and a Department specialised in physiotherapy and kinesiotherapy.

"Affidea Sema is equipped with cutting-edge medical equipment, including an artificial intelligence (AI) component that elevates imaging investigations to unprecedented levels. As always, we strive to provide our patients with medical services at international standards, accessible to everyone,” states Razvan Predica, Countries CEO in Romania and Hungary.

romania 2

Portugal takes its Setubal centre to a new level - expanding into a state-of-the-art polyclinic

The expansion of Affidea Setubal Centre reflects a deep commitment to providing comprehensive healthcare services under one roof. The Setúbal Center, now a polyclinic, boasts an impressive array of integrated services, combining Diagnostic Imaging, Laboratory, and Outpatient services with more than 30 medical specialities and over 50 new doctors. Strategically located in a shopping mall and covering an area of 1900 square meters, the centre not only provides convenience but also ensures greater accessibility for the community it serves. The polyclinic model, central to Affidea's approach, offers a wide range of integrated services, making it a one-stop destination for diverse healthcare needs.

Portugal 2

Italy adds low-complexity surgery in Veneto

In Italy, Affidea is broadening its outpatient services with notable openings in Cornaredo and Monselice.

The opening of the Dentistry centre in Cornaredo, Lombardy, last September marks a significant expansion in dental care. This centre was established in partnership with Denti e Salute, reflecting a collaborative approach to providing specialised dental services.

Further enhancing its service offerings, Affidea opened a low-complexity surgery centre in Monselice, Veneto, in November. The centre specialises in a variety of procedures and has become the reference point for low-complexity surgery for all Affidea centres in the region.

Greece expands with new diagnostics and dermatology centres

In Greece, the year 2023 marked the opening of two new diagnostic centres, one located on the central road axis of Mesogeion Avenue in Ag. Paraskevi, and the other in Lavrio, an area with a high demand for high-quality medical services. Additionally, Affidea Greece continues to expand the City Med Dermatology Centers. In December, the network welcomed its seventh centre in Peristeri. This expansion underlines Affidea's commitment to providing specialised dermatological care, catering to the diverse needs of the population.