Affidea's 2023 Journey in Advancing Clinical Education

At Affidea, we believe clinical education is the cornerstone of excellence in healthcare. This ethos guides Affidea's approach to continuous professional development, as evidenced by our comprehensive suite of clinical webinars, workshops and courses in 2023. These programs are meticulously designed to bolster the capabilities of healthcare professionals, both within our organisation and in the wider medical community.

Key Highlights of 2023 Courses

Two standout courses in 2023 have been the MRI Cardiac and Advanced Ultrasound Academy. These courses attracted a total of 349 registrants, indicating the high demand and eagerness among healthcare professionals to advance their diagnostic capabilities. The MRI Cardiac course focused on enhancing skills in cardiac imaging, an essential area in diagnosing and managing heart-related conditions. The Advanced Ultrasound Academy, on the other hand, aimed at providing in-depth knowledge and practical skills in the use of ultrasound technology for various clinical applications.

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Expansive Webinar Series

In addition to these courses, Affidea organized four significant webinars on Teleradiology, CF Thorax, Liver Imaging Update, and the Memory Clinic. These webinars were attended by 1576 individuals, showcasing a wide interest in these topics. Notably, 85% of the attendees were internal staff, while 15% were external participants, reflecting Affidea’s inclusive approach to learning and knowledge sharing.

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The diversity of speakers in these webinars further added value to the learning experience. With 56% internal and 44% external speakers from 24 different countries, the webinars provided a global perspective, enriching the learning environment with diverse insights and experiences.

Impressive Participant Engagement and Satisfaction

The high level of engagement and satisfaction among participants was evident in the Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 62%. This score is a strong indicator of the quality of the educational content provided and the overall satisfaction of the participants with the learning experience.

Rosana Santos, the Affidea Group Clinical Education Leader, emphasised the importance of these educational initiatives. "At Affidea, we believe in the power of continuous learning to transform healthcare. Our 2023 webinars and courses reflect our commitment to empowering healthcare professionals through knowledge and skill enhancement. The positive response and high engagement from our participants underscore the value of these initiatives in advancing clinical excellence and this was also visible in their engagement with Affidea Academy which has been relaunched this year."