Affidea wins “Diagnostic Provider of the Year at 2022 Health Investors Awards

Affidea, the largest European provider of advanced diagnostics, outpatient and cancer care services, is delighted to announce it has been awarded ‘Diagnostics provider of the year’ at the 2022 Health Investors Awards.

The HealthInvestor Awards recognises outstanding achievements, innovation and excellence in the independent healthcare sector and aims to reward organisations who have made a significant contribution in the medical sector.

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Affidea has been praised by the judges for its innovative approach in pioneering the latest technologies to improve clinical outcomes, patients’ safety and their experience in the medical centers while at the same time driving operational efficiencies. The three innovative initiatives that placed Affidea on the spotlight at HealthInvestors Awards were:

  • The digitalisation of patients’ pathway across Affidea countries,from booking to e-registration and e-results, aiming to improve patients’ experience at every touchpoint along their medical journey.
  • The proprietary MRI Excellence programwthat offersa live view of the utilisation of the MRI units and through which Affidea achieved a 28% increase in number of exams per hour, an increase with 5% of NPS score of patients up to 81% and + 11% in revenues for the MRIs in scope. The programme focuses on driving improvements by looking at several KPIs such as the average number of exams per hour, machine idle time, opening and closing hours, number of exams, patient change and the utilisation rate at any centre. Data is extracted from over three-quarters of the 200 MRI machines across ten countries, with the aim to enhance the delivery of care and the patient experience, while driving operational efficiencies.
  • The innovative Artificial Intelligence software that Affidea installed in its PET/CT centres inItaly, Poland and Romania, to maintainthe quality of the PET/CT images that have been acquired with reduced tracer dose or reduced scan time. In order to validate the AI algorithm, a pilot was carried out at Affidea IRMET center in Torino, Italy, a UEMN/EBNM and EARL accredited PET-CT site. The clinical results have been outstanding, achieving a 33% reduction in FDG dose without compromising image quality in combination with up to 50% scan time reduction. A lower dose for patients that undergo PET-CT exams translates into increased safety, while time reduction resultes in higher comfort for patients. All these have been achieved while maintaining the same image quality for an accurate diagnosis, along with operational efficiencies for the medical center.  

Giuseppe Recchi, Affidea CEO, stated: “We are honoured  to receive this award, on behalf of all Affidea people that contributed to this success. It is a great achievement and a recognition of the innovation mindset that drives all our initiatives at Affidea, focusing on delivering outstanding clinical excellence and state of the art patient experience. I couldn’t be prouder on behalf of all the people that work in Affidea – it is a testament that all we do at Affidea comes with great benefits to our patients, doctors and overall the health systems in every country where we are present”.

Michał Kwieciński, Senior VP Regional COO, who proudly represented Affidea at the award ceremony, stated: “It was an honour to receive the award on behalf of Affidea and our fantastic team of clinical, patient services and business professionals. We pride ourselves in providing the highest quality diagnostic imaging services across all 15 countries in which we operate. In the UK, through our Group company - Fortius clinic, we offer a unique combination of high-end diagnostics and world class orthopaedic surgery, enabling excellent clinical quality and an outstanding customer service for our patients”.


The juries that awarded Affidea for the Diagnostics Provider of the Year mentioned during the Award ceremony: The company “achieved outstanding growth through 2021 year, adding 47 new European diagnostic centres. With a strong commitment to implementing innovative clinical solutions to improve both clinical outcomes and patient safety. Affidea is strongly positioned in the national and international market place with impressive and innovative results. Affidea's entry into the UK marks its confidence in this market, and we shall watch their progress with interest and anticipation.


The awards ceremony was held at the Grosvenor House Hotel in London and was attended by 1,200 of the independent health sector’s key figures.

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About Affidea

Affidea ( is a leading European provider of diagnostic imaging, outpatient and cancer care services, operating in more than 320 centres across 15 countries in Europe, working with almost 10.000 professionals. Due to its track record for patient safety, the company became the most awarded diagnostic imaging provider in Europe by the European Society of Radiology – over 50% of all the centres awarded on the Eurosafe Wall of Stars belong to Affidea. In UK, Affidea is present through Fortius clinic, the largest orthopedic group with an international reputation in orthopaedics and MSK. It now operates multiple sites across London, including outpatient and diagnostic treatment centres in Marylebone, the City, Wimbledon; and a dedicated surgical centre in Marylebone. Fortius Clinic is accredited as an official FIFA Medical Centre of Excellence, with an international reputation in sports injury treatment and the clinic of choice for many international sports clubs and players from the world of football, rugby and cricket. It has a consultant collective of over 90 experienced surgeons, physicians and radiologists, many of whom enjoy a world-class reputation.