Affidea Stands in Solidarity with the People of Ukraine

We are deeply moved by the situation in Ukraine and would like to express our full solidarity with all Ukrainians. In all the neighbouring countries where Affidea is present - Romania, Poland, Lithuania, Hungary, Croatia, Bosnia, our teams have quickly reacted.

We are offering donations in terms of medical materials, medicines and first aid kits to the Red Cross and other humanitarian foundations from Affidea Romania, Poland and Lithuania. At the end of last week, the first shipment to Ukraine, a complete ambulance full of medical equipment, tools and medicines was sent from Lithuania where our colleagues donated and have joined forces with the Association of Lithuanian Private Health Care Organisations and the Blue/Yellow Support Organization for Ukraine for this action.

We are offering free medical services to all Ukrainian people coming to Romania, Hungary, Poland, Croatia, Lithuania and Bosnia. Our teams in Affidea Hungary and Poland are collecting consumables, clothes, hygiene products and food supplies. The first donation package has already been sent from Hungary to the border to be used by the Ukrainian citizens who arrive through the border crossing points.
Our call centres in Poland and Romania will have Ukrainian language functions to support the citizens from Ukraine coming into these countries.

We set up a Bank Account at Group level where we are collecting money which will be donated for Ukraine support. Affidea will match the amount collected and will donate it to the Red Cross for Ukraine.

As a company, we are fully committed to offering tangible support and have actively engaged across several of our countries in drafting the best course of action to help the Ukrainian people in this unprecedented situation.
We stand in solidarity with Ukraine.