Affidea Romania’s Digital Revolution

Affidea Romania has successfully implemented a massive, interdisciplinary project to digitize the patient journey in their centers, offering patients a seamless experience at every touchpoint of their interaction with Affidea. The Digitization of the Patient Pathway sits at the core of our operations and its successful implementation across our countries is a huge achievement which will:

  • ease the life of the patient in the center
  • improve patient experience and their satisfaction with our services
  • improve patient flow management
  • increase capabilities to offer our patients personalized services, based on their needs
  • go paperless and make Affidea a green company

RP Club Asized

Speaking at the ‘’Club Entrepreneur’’ Awards Gala in Romania, where Affidea Romania received the award for Excellence in Medicine, Country Manager Razvan Predica stated:

‘Our patients are the core of our business: everything we innovate, everything we build is designed to constantly improve the performance of the services we offer, so that patients can benefit from a pleasant medical experience with extraordinary results.

The pandemic context has accelerated the trends that started some time ago, so the digitization of medical services is a must-have for any medical provider who wants to position itself to international standards.

2022.01.27 RO 1sized

Affidea has launched a premiere on the Romanian medical market – a fully digitized Paperless Medical Center. The whole process of registering patients, filling in medical records, consents, etc. is done digitally. Under these conditions, the patient’s pathway through the center is faster, with patients (and staff) benefitting from more time for the medical examination itself.

We have also created another tool for patients, the My Affidea software, in which patients can upload the results of their scans, even those done outside Affidea, whilst those carried out in our clinics are uploaded directly by our center staff. This way, doctors can map patient history more easily and therefore quickly establish a diagnosis. Digitization of medical services means positioning the patient at the next level in terms of experience, time savings and accessibility of relevant information. Consider how important time is for chronic patients or those with certain oncological pathologies, where doctors need to start the treatment plan as soon as possible.’’