Affidea Group implements a state-of-the-art Digital Quality Management System

Affidea, a leading European provider of advanced diagnostics, out-of-hospital services and Centres of Excellence, today announces the implementation of a new cutting-edge Digital Quality Management System (QMS) across its extensive network.

This is in partnership with Ideagen, a renowned provider of world-class, innovative software solutions to regulated and high-compliance industries, supporting companies with the management of their safety, risk, quality and compliance needs. This ambitious project marks a significant milestone in Affidea's ongoing commitment to the highest standards of quality, efficiency, and excellence in patient care.

The new QMS from Ideagen is designed to streamline internal processes, enhance efficiency, and improve effectiveness across all operations. By embracing this robust system, Affidea aims to manage risks effectively, minimise waste, and optimise resource allocation, thereby ensuring compliance and boosting patient satisfaction.

The key focus areas of the new Quality Management System will include:

Continuous Improvement: Fostering a culture of learning and improvement, encouraging every team member to contribute to process enhancements.

Stakeholder Satisfaction: Placing customer satisfaction at the core, aiming to exceed expectations and adapt to their evolving needs.

Data-driven Decision Making: Utilising data and analytics for informed decision-making, identifying improvement areas, and monitoring performance.

Standardisation: Developing standardised processes based on best practices to ensure consistency across all departments.

Affidea Romania will spearhead the adoption of the new Quality Management System, followed by Affidea Italy, Switzerland, and the Corporate HQ. This phased rollout will serve as a learning experience for subsequent implementations in other Affidea countries.

Dr Charles Niehaus, Executive Director for Affidea Group, said: In the ever-evolving landscape of healthcare, our primary focus remains on patient safety and quality care. We all know that clinical environments, while dedicated to patient care, are not immune to incidents. The new Digital Quality Management system will further strengthen our open and transparent approach to incident management, supporting investigations and fostering a culture of learning and continuous improvement. This initiative reflects our dedication to excellence and our promise to continually elevate the quality standards and safeguard our patients.”

Dr Alessandro Roncacci, SVP Chief Medical Officer, stated: "At Affidea, quality sits at the core of everything we do. The adoption of this digital QMS reflects our commitment to innovation and excellence and I am happy that we found a reliable partner in Ideagen to work closely with us on this ambitious journey. We're not just transforming processes, we're enhancing lives by ensuring our patients receive the best possible care in an environment of continuous improvement and advanced healthcare practices."

Dr Athanasia Papachristodoulou, Group Quality and Clinical Governance Director, added: "The digital QMS is more than a tool. It is proof that quality is part of our DNA as a company. It empowers us to exceed patient expectations consistently and fosters a culture where quality and efficiency go hand in hand. Every step we take towards improvement is a step closer to achieving best-in-class services”.

Tim Bisley, Ideagen Executive Vice President and Managing Director for Quality, added: ”We are delighted to be working with Affidea to support the incredible work it is doing to provide advanced healthcare practices for over 13 million patients a year.

Ideagen helps organisations like Affidea to deliver essential services, providing clarity and confidence to unlock smart data-driven decision-making and enable world-class processes that satisfy customers and regulators, securing new quality standards to help patients worldwide. Our quality software will enable Affidea to gain complete organisational visibility to make the most of opportunities and proactively identify and act on risks”.

The Ideagen QMS platform encompasses modules for document management, people and training, risk management, audits, asset management, corrective & preventive actions, complaints and incidents management, customer and supplier management, and a workflow builder/report designer with complex dashboards.