Affidea enters a strategic partnership with Brust-Zentrum Zürich, expanding in the Swiss breast care market

Affidea Group, the largest European provider of diagnostic imaging, outpatient and cancer care services, has today successfully completed the acquisition of a majority stake of Brust-Zentrum Zürichthe largest integrated breast medicine group in Switzerland with a leading market position in the canton of Zurich.

Brust-Zentrum Zürich is a highly reputed medical provider offering a wide range of integrated services in women’s health from breast cancer screening, diagnostic imaging, outpatient consultations, oncological medication treatment and surgical treatment. The clinic prides itself with a reputed team of 80 staff members and 20 breast specialists among which gynaecologists, surgeons, oncologists, radiologists, complemented by genetic counselling specialist or psycho-oncologist, whose goal is to provide holistic care and support for patients with breast diseases.

With this partnership, Affidea Switzerland expands in the breast care market, offering integrated care services for women’s health, while at the same time enlarging its geographic footprint in the canton of Zurich. In Switzerland, the combined business of Affidea and Brust-Zentrum Zürich brings together more than 280 professionals in 11 centers, seeing more than 145.000 patients every year.

The three key founders of Brust-Zentrum, Prof. Christoph Tausch, Prof. Jian Farhadi and Onko-Zentrum Zürich will continue growing the company in partnership with Affidea, as shareholders and board members as well as in their medical roles. With their entrepreneurial commitment and leading expertise in the oncological and surgical treatment of breast cancer, they further strengthened the position of Brust-Zentrum Zurich over the last decade, this year being the 20th anniversary of Brust-Zentrum Zurich.

Giuseppe Recchi, Affidea CEO, said on the Affidea’s latest investment in Switzerland: This investment is an important milestone in Affidea’s impressive growth journey. We have been continuously advancing in providing to our patients a wide span of the highest-quality medical services. Brust-Zentrum Zurich is a business with a well-built medical reputation in Switzerland, creating strong synergies with our services portfolio and strengthening our position in the integrated breast care market. We have now reached 320 centers across Europe, with almost 50 new centers added in the last 12 months. I am very proud of Affidea’s capacity to master our scale and our clinical excellence which is built over the outstanding competences of more than 7500 doctors across 15 countries, committed to serve patients at the highest clinical standards. In three years only, we almost doubled in size across our operations, receiving outstanding reputation recognition from our patients.

Marc-André Christinat, Country Manager of Affidea Switzerland stated: „We look forward to our partnership with Brust-Zentrum Zürich. The synergies between our two businesses, together with our operational and clinical capabilities, will allow us to deliver better access to integrated care for women’s health in the communities that we jointly serve. As we move forward together, our priority will be to continue delivering successfully high-quality medical care, putting the needs of our patients and doctors at the heart of everything we do”.

Prof. Christoph Tausch, CEO of Brust-Zentrum Zürich, completed: “Together with our new partner Affidea, its medical and strategic expertise in diagnostic imaging, outpatient services and cancer care, Brust-Zentrum Zürich will realise further development in Switzerland and be able to provide its excellent medical care to many more patients. Based on Affidea’s first-class competences in diagnostics, there are significant synergies between both companies, laying the foundation for additional medical expertise sharing and a seamless and outstanding patient experience. We very much look forward to the close collaboration with Affidea.”

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Brust Zentrum Zurich has been advised throughout the transaction process by Capitalmind on the financial side and Bär & Karrer on the legal side. Affidea was advised by Niederer Kraft Frey on the legal side and by KPMG on the financial side. The transaction details remain confidential.