A New Era in Operational Excellence - Predicting With Precision to Enable Better Patient Care

Affidea Senior Vice-President, Regional Chief Operating Officer Zisis Sotiriou talks to Healthmanagement.org

4.5 days - that’s the average delay in patient care that an unforeseen failure in an MRI equipment might generate.

Unplanned downtime from clinical equipment can negatively affect every aspect of the care delivery. From patient care, as their appointments and diagnosis could be delayed, to staff productivity, as they would need to handle all rescheduling activities.

Imagine a world where we can predict technical malfunctions in the MRI equipment before they occur.

Innovation is part of Affidea’s DNA, and it comes to offer an outstanding patient experience, proven clinical outcomes and higher safety standards.

We believe the future of healthcare is around predicting with precision in a world where clinical teams are empowered by technology to enhance care. With customer care in mind, we adopt new technologies that can continuously improve patients’ experience and their medical outcomes, while at the same time, making our clinical operations safer.

Failures can happen, but if we know in advance then we can mitigate the impact. This enables the impact of unplanned disruption to be minimised and replaced by planned corrective actions at the most-convenient time. As a result, it helps medical professionals to improve patient care, while achieving greater efficiency and productivity.

Therefore, Affidea has become the first medical provider in Europe to use OnWatch Predict1, an AI solution, that will predict technical malfunctions in the MRI fleet before they occur. This way, we increase the availability of performing more MRI examinations, since the maintenance can be planned outside of working hours.

OnWatch Predict* leverages digital twin and machine data to create a unique virtual MR model, based on AI learning. Information is collected on a daily basis, and then compared to the virtual model to predict the estimated remaining life of the component monitored. Models and alerts cover different assets of the system, such as Environment, Image Quality, MR magnet and Cryogens, Patient Handling and Main System.

The AI solution OnWatch looks over 1500 parameters in the MR technology, analysing and pre-empting potential machine failures, which normally happen without warning and can therefore cost several days’ delay in services. 

This is a new era in operational excellence.

With the use of the new AI solution, we can now predict with precision and with enough lead time when an equipment needs corrective maintenance.

And all goes down to better patient care. We understand that patients will often be anxious and worried about their condition when they come to see us. That is why we continually invest in their comfort and wellbeing, making sure they receive the best possible care, delivered quickly, effectively and safely.

The recent innovation that we have installed to predict possible technical failures in our MRI fleet brings tremendous benefits for our patients – they will take the exam that they need, when they need it, receive their diagnosis and treatment plan as fast as possible, mitigating the risk of technical interruptions.

Our promise to put patients first is now stronger than ever, and we show it in everything we do. 

Affidea at a glance

  • Multinational healthcare provider, with presence in 327 centres across 15 countries in Europe, providing high quality affordable care for more than 12 million patients every year
  • Working with over 11.000 professionals, producing 20 million scans every year
  • Establishing a network of 13 sub-specialty expert groups in every country to collaborate across Europe and define the best medical protocols, allowing for timely and high-quality diagnosis, faster and better treatment.
  • 50% of the 5 stars awarded centres by the European Society of Radiology, for patient safety and radiation protection, belong to Affidea


Source: healthmanagement.org 

* OnWatch Predict is an AI solution developed by GE Healthcare