Total commitment to quality

The drive toward excellence is the cornerstone of Affidea culture and is ingrained in all its activities. Affidea directly faces the responsibility of ensuring patients achieve better quality-of-life and is passionate about setting high-quality standards. Years of experience has confirmed that only by deploying state-of-the-art equipment, attracting highly-qualified medical professionals and maintaining a persistent commitment to patient well-being, can Affidea remain at the forefront of its sector.

A methodical approach to training and systems procurement means the company can be confident that its staff and technology are at the cutting edge. Affidea’s medical facilities meet high European standards and patients are given personalised expert attention. The company enjoys a distinguished reputation wherever it operates.

As a leading force behind driving privately funded radiology, laboratory and cancer treatment services into the public sector, the company under no circumstances would willingly compromise when it comes to quality or its internal control system. Affidea centers operate under ISO 9001 quality control standards, ensuring stringent quality criteria in terms of healthcare and facility management. 

It is company policy to implement these standards across all facilities.