MR Operational Excellence – Genesis Project

The Affidea MR Excellence Program (MREP) provides the basis for both clinical and operational improvement. By unifying and measuring the way magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scans are performed for our patients, variability can be reduced. Key operational parameters can also be obtained such as the type of scan performed, the time it takes to acquire the scan and time taken between scans.

MREP may provide the measurements, but it is only engagement ‘on the ground’ that drives improvement. Delayed examinations, longer working hours, extra shifts and changing schedules remain a reality - this variability may significantly impact on productivity, increase the operational costs and reduce both patient and personnel satisfaction. These issues will remain unsolved unless operational processes are changed.

In 2017, Affidea Poland introduced the Genesis Project to leverage the data coming from MREP to improve both the clinical and operational sides of the service. Based on KAIZEN, the Japanese philosophy of lean management, Genesis uses the standardized MRI protocols and prioritizes operational activities on an administrative level, directly increasing the effectiveness and efficiency of clinical operations. By using real time data measurement from the MR machines, changes in four operational pillars - scheduling, availability, patient workflow and resource management could be evaluated.

The results of the Genesis Project (below) speak for themselves, and will allow Affidea’s Wałbrzych centre to meet future trends in the diagnostic imaging sector:

  • 11% increase in the number of total exams (while maintaining operational costs)
  • shortened exam waiting time for private patients (from 8 to 2 days)
  • reduction in  weekly working days from 7 to 6
  • Improved satisfaction for clinical personnel

The Genesis Project helps us understand the dependencies between many operational factors, and how these could influence the outcome. Standardization also provides the platform for artificial intelligence (AI) by providing consistent data to any algorithms designed to support operationalimprovement.

From November, all centres involved in the MREP program are having data fed back to them by Peter Szatmari, the MREP Manager. These data are also made available to the Country Management and Regional Senior Vice Presidents, with the aim of replicating the success of the Genesis project in their countries.