Cancer Treatment

In our world today, people are living much longer and this fact brings with it new diseases and problems. At the same time, we have experienced dramatic technological advancements and improvements in cardiac and cancer detection and treatment equipment. Affidea prides itself as being on the front line of investing in state-of-the-art technologies and high-end solutions for the health care market.

With nearly two decades of experience in Europe’s Public-Private Partnership (PPP) operating environment, Affidea has begun a new line of specialized medical service for cancer treatment. The first center, located in Poland, began operations in the fall of 2008. Given the significant shortage of modern cancer treatment centers in many European countries, the company made a strategic decision to enter this very specialized line of service. The company has plans to expand this line of service in other European countries.

Affidea’s cancer treatment professionals use the most advanced technologies to target precise tumor sites, making treatment as effective as possible while protecting healthy tissue. The company’s medical experts work together to provide multimodality therapy, meaning they treat the patient with the ideal combination of therapies (combining radiotherapy with surgery, chemotherapy, brachytherapy, hormone therapy or a mixture of the four). In Affidea cancer treatment centers, patients receive therapy as outpatients in Affidea centers rather than being hospitalized, unless, of course, their health condition requires hospitalization. The facilities are co-located within existing oncology hospitals, all in order to make the process of treatment for patients easier. Facilities are equipped with both simulation and treatment machines from the most eminent equipment manufacturers, all integrated into oncology information and treatment planning system. Patients receive individualized treatment with full attention from staff members who encourage them to pursue their family, work and leisure activities as normally as possible during the course of treatment.