The latest CTC technology at Affidea Turkey


Tomotherapy is the newest addition to Affidea’s state-of-the-art Baskent University Centre in Adana, Southern Turkey. The centre, which already operates the latest oncological technology, i.e. high end Linear Accelerators and the Gamma Knife, has now expanded to provide a unique range of cancer treatment services in the region.

“With the addition of Tomotherapy, the Adana Baskent Cancer Treatment Centre has become the largest radiotherapy centre, not only in Turkey but also Europe and the Middle East, with 2 high end linacs, 1 stereotactic linac, 1 gamma knife, 1 tomotherapy unit and 1 brachytherapy unit,” CEO of Affidea Turkey, Mr Emir Aslan Özler commented. “We plan to serve more than 2,000 oncology patients per year. What’s more, this site is also important due to our cooperation with Houston Methodist and our work to reach common KPIs and CPIs, which will set new standards for oncological care.” 

Tomotherapy is a type of radiation therapy in which the radiation is delivered slice-by-slice (hence the use of the Greek prefix tomo- meaning "slice"). This method of delivery differs from other techniques where one or more opposing fields of radiation encompass the entire tumour, resulting in significantly more radiation to normal structures. There are 11 tomotherapy units in Turkey, Affidea's model is the latest and most advanced addition to this number.

Added benefits of the new contract

This transaction effectively sees Affidea take over the entire radiotherapy department of the Başkent University Hospital in Adana, Turkey

This strengthens our existing relations with the hospital, extending our cooperation period by 7 years

Affidea already enjoys an excellent working relationship with the hospital management

Unique set-up - there is no single centre with 1 Gamma Knife, 1 Axesse, 1 Tomo and 2 Varian Linacs and brachytherapy in the region nor in Turkey. This could attract patients from neighbouring Arabic countries

The Baskent group of hospitals ranks among the largest and medically most advanced in Turkey, treating nearly 3M patients annually