New technology in Affidea Romania


As of August 2015, Romanian patients have access to one of the best, most precise and safest PET-CTs in Central and Eastern Europe, the Discovery IQ from GE, recently installed in the Affidea Fundeni Centre. Meanwhile, Affidea Romania completed its range of high-performance medical imaging services by installing the most advanced 1.5 Tesla MRI in the West of the country.

The new PET-CT at the Fundeni Centre provides excellent image quality with fast scans at low doses for greater patient comfort and care, due to the revolutionary LightBurst detector, but also new features that offer outstanding image quality for small lesion detectability in just a few minutes.

The new 1.5 Tesla MRI is available in the Arad Centreand differs from other equipment of its type on the Romanian market by simplifying and accelerating the scan configuration, providing a much higher speed of examination and high image quality compared with those recorded by other MRI machines.

The clarity of the images provided by the new 1.5 Tesla MRI will support patients with breast problems, but will also perform scans of the brain, musculoskeletal, respiratory, genital, and circulatory system.

At the same time, the wide bore allows for the examination of patients weighing up to 140kg, thus ensuring greater access to MRI examinations for overweight patients.

"A state-of-the-art imaging centre requires equipment of the higheststandard. Our new equipment offers exceptional performance with the best quality image in order to better detect small lesions."
Iulian Pirvulescu
Centre Manager
Affidea Fundeni

"Installing this high performanceequipment in our centreallows us to provide new medical services for breast investigation: breast MRI examinations and biopsy punctures, in addition to mammography and ultrasound."
Corina Beljung
Centre Manager
Affidea Arad

"The latest technology in Europe for detecting cancer quickly and accurately is now available at the Fundeni Centre. Affidea Romania is now the market leader in high end diagnostic imaging services."
Nicoleta Gongu
BU Oncology Manager
Affidea Romania