Affidea Romania Acquires 4 More Centres


On the 1st September, Affidea Romania announced its successful takeover of the Phoenix Group in the cities of Cluj-Napoca, Piatra Neamt, Deva and Medias, thus expanding its local market presence with 4 more diagnostic imaging centres.

The Phoenix centres, specialised in diagnostic imaging medical services such as magnetic resonance imaging and computer tomography, are well-known for the quality of their medical services, but also for the professionalism of their medical teams. Over 17,000 patients / year use the medical services offered by Phoenix healthcare professionals from these 4 centres.

With the success of this acquisition, Affidea Romania has added an incredible 8 new centres to their network in the past 3 months, taking the company to a total of 18 centres on the Romanian market.

Since the beginning of the year, Affidea Romania's evolution has been marked by several key steps: the rebranding process in June, the opening of the state-of-art imaging centre Affidea Floreasca, the acquisition of SANMED, the leading provider of medical services in Oltenia, and now the acquisition of the Phoenix centres.

“It is a decision that I weighed very carefully and I am confident that Affidea was the best choice in terms of expertise on both the Romanian and European medical services markets, as well as in terms of the ambitious development plans announced by Affidea Romania management,” commented Dr. Nicolae Bolog, Founder of the Phoenix Group.

The Phoenix centres were a target for our expansion on the local market, since they are specialised in a field where Affidea excels and are compatible in terms of quality of care.

We walk together into a new stage, more powerful and determined, and we will continue to strengthen the values that have transformed the Affidea group into the largest and most trusted provider of medical diagnostic imaging, nuclear medicine and cancer treatment in Europe.

Radu Gorduza
Country Manager
Affidea Romania