Affidea Women Join Massive Cancer Charity Run in Portugal


On May 22nd in Portugal, approximately 30,000 women took up the fight against breast cancer by running or walking 5km in Lisbon and Oporto. These two cities showed an equal commitment to this important cause, with about 15,000 all-female participants in each.

Participation was fee-based, with all the proceeds from the run being donated to the Portuguese League Against Cancer.

More than 100 women represented Affidea Portugal – locally still known as Euromedic - from various diagnostic centres and laboratories in Lisbon, whilst in Oporto, the whole team from the laboratory were present. Both teams were easy to spot in the huge crowd because all of them wore a uniform white T shirt, with the company logo in blue. At the departure time the white spot was highlighted but later on, each of the participants ran at their own pace.

Miguel Santos, CEO of Portugal was present at the Lisbon race to provide support and encouragement for his team, commenting “We are delighted to say that it was a very successful event and that our organisation was well represented. In addition to having been a social day for our employees, we were able to align our company name with a noble cause, which is at the heart of our business.”

The group of female participants has already committed to the same cause in 2016 with an even greater number of participants.