Has Affidea Polska Found the Recipe for Life?


Each year, more than 17,000 new breast cancer cases are reported in Poland, leading to over 5,600 deaths, many of which are primarily due to late detection.

But what does all this have to do with baking bread? Well, Affidea Polska, in partnership with the Polish Amazons, the Social Movement and the Polish Oncological Nurses Association, has just launched a breast cancer awareness campaign using bread dough to symbolise a woman’s breast. It turns out, the actions required to knead dough are very similar to those of a breast examination. Using this, the team in Poland came up with the idea of holding an event where celebrity food bloggers were invited, with their partners, to learn how to bake their own bread from an expert. As the dough was left to rise, some small, pink balls were hidden inside it and when the bloggers returned to their task, they found this little “surprise” in their pastry.

The moment of their unexpected discovery is well captured in the subtle movie, which was made of the day’s events and shared online, and an explanation and short training session on breast examination followed.

The campaign was launched on February 4th, World Cancer Day, when the movie was shown on a big screen in a busy shopping centre in Warsaw. The release was also planned to coincide with the run up to Valentine’s Day.

“In everyday life, it is worth trusting not only your own hands but also those of your partner. It often happens that our husbands or boyfriends can spot some alarming anomalies in our breasts and such observations are invaluable. Therefore, in light of the upcoming St. Valentine’s Day, we have decided to draw attention to this act of caring and intimacy, which should be an indispensable element of any happy relationship,” commented Joanna Borczak, Marketing Manager Affidea Poland.

You can watch the movie with English subtitles here: