Affidea Polska Acquires Radiologica Centres


Affidea Polska has just announced its successful acquisition of the three specialist diagnostic centres NZOZ Diagnosis-Radom, NZOZ Radiologica-Rzeszów and NZOZ Diagnosis-Krosno. Thus the company has reinforced its position in Masovia and extended its coverage to the Subcarpathian region, where it has not been present up to now.

NZOZ Diagnosis-Radom, NZOZ Radiologica-Rzeszów and NZOZ Diagnosis-Krosno are well-equipped, modern diagnostic centres offering magnetic resonance imaging and, in the case of the Radom facility, also computed tomography. The diagnostic centres are located in the Specialist Hospital in Radom, the Hospital of the Ministry of Interior and Administration in Rzeszów, and the John Paul II Hospital in Krosno.

“These investments will make it possible for us to benefit from the excellent infrastructure and highly qualified staff, who are already providing services to patients. This will be the basis for development of the facilities according to the standards applicable at all our centres, as well as our international experience,” announced Mr Emir Özler, President of the Management Board of Affidea Polska.

The acquisition of the diagnostic centres strengthens the top position of Affidea in the field of specialist diagnostic services in Poland, making it an active consolidator of the market.

“Our investment in these outstanding diagnostic facilities, which for many years have been trusted by hospitals, the National Health Fund and patients, will make it possible for us to continue implementing our strategy of improving patients’ access to free-of-charge highly specialist diagnostic services in Poland,” said Wojciech Mizerka, Member of the Affidea Polska Management Board.

Marking of the three new centre sites on map of Poland

Our ultimate objective is to offer high quality diagnostic and radiotherapeutic services to patients throughout Poland, including the patients from smaller towns. For this reason we are pleased that the inhabitants of the Subcarpathian region and of the southern parts of Masovia, who used to visit our centres located in other parts of Poland, will now be able to use our services closer to home.

Agnieszka SzydłowskaRegional Manager
Affidea Polska