New Centre Opens in Lithuania


On July 31st, a new medical diagnostic centre of the Affidea Lithuania branch opened its doors in Kaunas, the second largest city in the country. The Kaunas Centre has the most modern 1.5T MRI scanner in Lithuania. It is also the first private scanner in the country, which will provide MRI scans of the whole body, cardiac MRI, as well as MRI scans for infants and children.

„This scanner will develop medical diagnostic opportunities in the country: because of it, we will have the ability to carry out unique research projects for patients with heart diseases. Also, we will be able to test children and infants with the specially adapted scanner software,” commented Vitalijus Orlovas, CEO of Affidea Lithuania.

The centreis located in Kaunas Clinical Hospital, which is very convenient for local patients, and operates on the basis of the Public-Private Partnership (PPP). The new diagnostic centre will provide MRI scans for both hospital patients and outpatients from Kaunas city and district.

„Kaunas Clinical Hospital has decided to entrust MRI imaging services to specialist professionals in this field, and that is the reason why Affidea Lithuania has opened there. This kind of co-operation is an opportunity for the hospital to invest money where it is most needed. We have 10 years’ experience and more than once we have seen that this kind of co-operation is very effective,” added Mr Orlovas.  

Scope of the new Kaunas Centre

Greenfield PPP investment in the second largest hospital in Kaunas

Hospital serves approx. 42,000 patients per annum

Hospital performs approx. 12,500 operations per year

Hospital specialties requiring MRI: orthopedics, urology, surgery, ER, Gynecology

Kaunas Centre will serve a catchment area of 890,000 people

This is the seventh MRI unit to be installed in the city, the fourth 1.5T and the most advanced technology in the whole country