Affidea Lithuania’s Strategic Expansion


Affidea Lietuva is expanding its predominantly MRI-based offering to include advanced CT services in Northern Lithuania, reaching out to a catchment area of half a million patients in the Šiauliai and Panėvežys counties in a move that will reduce waiting lists exponentially.

“Residents will have better access to life saving diagnoses as our existing centres start offering additional, 64-slice computed tomography (CT) services as of May 1st. The need for computed tomography in Northern Lithuania is huge, but the equipment and investment has been lacking. We are therefore confident that our facilities will be in high demand,” says Vitalijus Orlovas, CEO of Affidea Lietuva.

In the thoroughly underserviced counties of Šiauliai and Panėvežys, waiting lists are extensive and available equipment is dated, providing very limited coverage. Affidea’s service offering will be able to process large flows of patients, whilst providing doctors with higher image quality for diagnosis.

“Typically, patients have to wait 40-50 days for a CT examination. Our services will reduce patient queues and accelerate disease diagnosis and proper treatment,” says Radiologist Dr Edita Kulevičienė.

According to Dr Kulevičienė, the advanced, 64-slice CTs will provide 200-400 detailed images of the body, depending on the type of scan needed. They will be used to diagnose brain, ENT, thoracic organs, abdominal, pelvic, pelvic bone, spine and limb diseases within 10-30 minutes. Also to be implemented are cardiac CTs, which are highly specialised and altogether unavailable in the Panevezys region.

In addition, following the initial launch period of the new CTs, Dose Excellence will be implemented in both centres in the coming months to help optimise the amount of exposure to radiation and thus protect patients from adverse side effects.

“We have the instant benefit of experience in CT from our international network. No other provider in Lithuania can offer the quality that we can, both clinically and in terms of service standards. We intend to maximise these advantages on a business level and exceed public expectation as regards delivery,” added Mr Orlovas.