Irish Health Minister Opens Affidea Letterkenny


Affidea Ireland is making good on its commitment to invest further in Irish diagnostic healthcare services and expand its reach by opening a new, multimodality greenfield centre in Letterkenny this month.

The Irish Health Minister Simon Harris attended the formal opening of the newly established Affidea Letterkenny diagnostic centre, which is already operational.

The centre, in County Donegal, Northwest Ireland, offers MRI, ultrasound and X-ray services to a vast catchment area of 600,000 potential patients, both public and private, and has already created 10 clinical and administrative jobs locally.

“Northwest Ireland has thus far been a remote and underserviced area, with no private operator in Donegal,” commented Affidea Ireland CEO Tom Finn. “Affidea Ireland’s latest investment is set to change that, serving private and PHI patients, as well as patients from the local hospital, which has an outpatient department in the same building as our new clinic.”

Previously, self-paying patients had to travel to Sligo or across the border to Northern Ireland to access services, whilst the local hospital struggled to cope and MRI waiting lists grew to nearly four times the government target.

There is further great potential to reverse previous trends and attract patients from nearby Northern Ireland, where private diagnostic services are considerably more expensive, adding to the rationale behind the greenfield investment.

“The Letterkenny clinic will ensure local patients have greater accessibility to scans quickly, professionally and to the highest standards,” said Mr Finn. Indeed, Letterkenny General Hospital aims to meet stringent government targets of 8 weeks for MRI waiting lists, for which an added service provider will be invaluable, both long and short term. The hospital’s own MRI unit is undergoing a major refurbishment throughout 2016, but is in itself limited as far as being able to service such a large city and wider catchment area.

“We are also delighted to have hired four local radiologists, who have all returned from Dublin and abroad because it was the first opportunity they had to work in Letterkenny,” Mr Finn added.